Total Freakout Hermit Crab Mobile

I have a conversion van type RV, a very tall one. It was made in Germany, so it has this Euro look. Small enough to fit in a regular parking spot, this thing has a kitchen, a full bath, a dining room and an upstairs bed. I call it my hermit crab mobile after, you know, that thing on the beach that carries his house around everywhere. No I am not a hermit.

Today I pulled into a Russian market and this man at the checkout said in his Russian accent, “You arrre a leettle woman for such a big carrrr.”
I told him, “That is not a car. *That* is a house.”

I used to feel uncomfortable when out driving it at first because people stare. I bought roll down baby shades to put on the side windows so they couldn’t see me giggle back.

I’m used to the stares now and just love looking at people’s reactions to it.
Some of them point and look astonished. Some laugh. Some tell me, “Man, that is a cool ride.” That’s the younger crowd.

If they are over 50, they have this dreamy look. They roll their heads back like Pez dispensers and take it all in. If they are walking, they stop, their bodies rotating as I roll by. They get giddy looking. They know what this is.
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This is the life.


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