My Own Three Muses

I don’t think they know it.
Pooks, Max, and Toni. They are my three muses. All writing muses.

The first, Pooks, I’ve had the good fortune to live near where she teaches writing classes at a nearby college. She introduced me to the craft and I kept taking her classes over an over, for years, along with a bunch of other return students. She also taught me how to use the internet and Email when that stuff was new. She is the most resourceful person I know. You got a question, she knows the answer, or where to find it.
She knows everybody too. And everybody loves her. She’s a published novelist and an award winning screenwriter. One day you’ll see her western on the big screen and you will ask, “What was that other western? Brokeback, what was that all about?” Check out her Planet Pooks blog. She loves teaching and you’ll see her step by step instructions on how she writes. Amazing. You will learn something for free there. Because she wants you to. To know her is to know cool. She’s the first to do everything. It’s been too long since I’ve seen her.

Max. Via Pooks, in the online world. After many years of reading her website and forum and never participating, I finally got the nerve and posted in the last year or so. She wrote back.
This is The Writing Godess. Writing to me. Me?
She’s got movies in theatres. A book on screenwriting in Barnes and Noble down my street. I think it only happened because my stars were lined up properly. Max thinks about 10 times faster than most. When I read her stuff I wish I’d written it. Also a gifted teacher, she has that “thing”, that magical gadget which mainlines stuff straight into the brain. You don’t forget anything she ever tells you. Check out her website. Brilliant. She gets about 12,000 hits per month. Damnblonde in the blogroll is her too. You will bookmark them. No matter what you write, even if it is just thank you notes, you must own her Screenwriter’s Survival Guide.

Toni, another friend of Pooks. All it took was the first minute of her telling me about this novel she’s having published next year. I was entranced with her storytelling. I could see she so completely loved this world of her imagination and was so comfortable with it.
While listening to her, I heard a crack in that writer’s block of mine and finally, I too can step into my imagination. So with Toni, it was sort of a permission thing. To really dream. Her blog, is always hilarious. Look for her book, BOBBIE FAYE’S VERY (very very very very very) BAD DAY which comes out in 2007.

The funny thing about these three girls is they all know each other and go way back to the days just before we were all getting started on the internet. They were all over it test driving and making it better for writers. Right now I picture the three of them in a circle holding hands. With me in the middle of it.

Wow. I can embed links. A lot of work so, go to their blogs and websites. Now. Bookmark them.


3 thoughts on “My Own Three Muses

  1. I wrote that thing and thought, gee can I publish this without them thinking I am strange or that I’m trying to kiss up to them for something?
    It was a 3 day battle whether to put it up or not. Finally, I just felt I had to do it because you deserve some kind of tribute for your dedication to the craft. Just want you to know that it works. I’m writing and it didn’t come out of nowhere.
    If any struggling writer happens to wander to my blog, maybe they’ll find you too. And kiss their lucky stars.

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