Beyond Cats

A friend of mine, (I’ll call her Jane) was a cat breeder not too long ago. She doesn’t do it anymore but still has a bunch of cats from the old days. Strange looking, these cats have either very short hair or they are bald, I can’t remember. One of them was in diapers, a 4 year old who may have been retarded or something because he wouldn’t use his litter box.

He got run over and killed about a month ago and Jane was devastated. She said even though he was a pain with the pee problem, he was the only one who was happy to see her when she got home. Now, she says, she comes home and “nobody cares.” (When she told me that I imagined a bunch of cats swinging from the light fixtures and tearing up the place instead of getting into formation for her entrance.)

One thing that always stood out about Jane is her no nonsense attitude toward everything. She’s an accountant.

So I was pretty surprised that she called a pet psychic. Not one like the lady on Amimal Planet, THE lady on Amimal Planet. She said she thought the woman would rip her wallet to shreds and was prepared to let her do it because she was desperate to hear from her cat. Suprisingly, the psychic only charged 60 bucks and although my friend says she doesn’t know if she believes “all this crap”, she thinks the pet psychic believes it. You never know.


One thought on “Beyond Cats

  1. I guess 60 bucks is cheap if it brings her peace.

    Unless she keeps needing to call back over and over again. That’s where a lot of psychics get their money, I think, from repeat visitors.

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