Make Do

So I’m out here in my RV while my wood floors are being refinished. That’s right, parked in the driveway like white trash shacking it up.
A popcorn hull got stuck between two back teeth and no amount of brushing would make the thing budge. My floss is right there about 15 yards away, but I can’t get to it without crossing the floors.
I got one of those thin plastic shopping bags and slid the edge right through those two teeth. Easier than floss. It worked.
And if you’re ever desperate for a fingernail file, try using the edge of a quarter. I wonder what the cave women did without floss and files, plastic bags and quarters.

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4 thoughts on “Make Do

  1. I’m back in and I’m still trying to get rid of the dust. The builder sent over three maids who said they’d be here two days. Ha. They stirred up the dust and snuck out after three hours.
    Boy is my house getting a thorough cleaning. By me of course.
    The floor is gorgeous though. They had stained it the wrong color when buiding it and finally agreed to do it right.

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