Refinished Floor

Here it is, the new floor, ta da!

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6 thoughts on “Refinished Floor

  1. I love your floor. I just really do not like the pale/unfinished wood floors. They must at the very least be golden or reddish golden, but my fave is dark. Beautiful!

  2. Thanks. Yes, I like it to look like those old castle floors in Europe. The older they are, the darker they get.
    All the other colors I chose for the house was to match the dark floors, so when they did them too light, everything clashed. It was a big fight to get them to do it over again, but I managed to get the one foot square example from the decorating center and put it right next to the floor for comparison. They couldn’t argue with that.

  3. Is that regular wood? A friend is getting sheet vinyl that “looks exactly like wood” (uh-huh) because she said if there was a leak in the kitchen it would warp a real wood floor.

  4. It’s oak plank, about 3 or 4 inches thick. Yes, a leak can be a big problem, but I can’t stand anything other than real wood. There is nothing that looks like real wood. Nothing feels like real wood and nothing sounds like footsteps on real wood.
    I want the whole package or not at all.
    Oh, and the crown jewels go so well with these floors.

  5. ooooooooooh, I love those floors. That is exactly the color I want to put in my house. But we’re probably going to sell in about two years, so I may not go to the trouble and, instead, put that in a house we build. But man, I am showing this to Carl so he can see what I want. 😉

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