As Seen On TV

Oh I am such a sucker for all that stuff that has that little logo on it. I just got the Magic Bullet and have been making smoothies for a week now.
I love the thing. That tooth whitener light thing? Got it. Doesn’t work anything like the whitening light thing at the dentist.
The Laser Straight? Have that too. It works okay. Batteries burn out fast and the replacements cost almost as much as the gadget.
Shed Ender? Yep. Euro Steamer? Uh huh. Ionic Breeze too, and yeah, I heard this past week those things are actually poisonous.
I’m telling you, I believe all that stuff in those infomercials.
Except that colon cleansing thing. Nope. Never. Not me.

What I saw on tv last night though. HBO’s Bagdad ER. Oh. My. Oh. I’m a nurse and it made me wiggle in my chair. Every person who voted for this war should be made to sit Clockwork Orange style for days to watch this show and all the outtakes.


4 thoughts on “As Seen On TV

  1. Hee! I have to make sure I put my credit card and purse way the hell on the other side of the house when the informercials are on. Which they are, late at night when I’m up. Otherwise, I’d buy it all. I am a total sucker for a good informercial. (Glad to know the laser light tooth thing isn’t worth it. I was actually thinking of getting that.)

  2. Oh, you know there is a CVS drug store near here and they have the As Seen On TV aisle. I don’t even have to order from the tv, I just go there and get the stuff. This after much swearing that I won’t fall for the latest gadget.
    The kids laugh at me about this. When I told them about the blog entry they asked, “Did you tell ’em about the cellulite thing? The face shocker? The Igia hair remover?”
    Well I wasn’t.

  3. But you did. Ha!

    After trying all sorts of face stuff, I was at a friend’s house and noticed that her skin looked smoother — we’d discussed this kind of stuff before — and asked her what she was using and she got all embarrassed — it’s the Cindy Crawford infomercial stuff. I bought the one-month trial and really do like it, and it does work out to cost less than most stuff I’ve used.

    I am so embarrassed.

  4. I haven’t seen that one. What does it do? Is it like a peel?

    If you want to see embarrassed, you should see the video of the face shocker on me.
    It’s hideous and hilarious at the same time. Could get wash board abs from all the laughter.

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