A Diet That Really Works

It is simple. So simple it is scary. Four words: Eat less. Move more.

I didn’t say it’s easy. It is not. The good news is you do not have to give up chocolate. That’s important. Necessary for life, happiness. Just eat less of it.
It really works. Those killer 10 pounds everyone talks about, those are the ones I’ve been banging away at and it has taken a while, but they are on the way out. Two to go. That’s it. Two more.

The “move more” part is just walking. Running is bad for you, I’ve seen too many young runners in the hospital have their knees and hips replaced. They regret the running, have suffered much and ended up less mobile for a long time before they get to the replacement parts. If you walk fast, it burns just as much energy as jogging. Take a dog with you and you won’t even notice you’re “working out.” If you don’t have a dog, volunteer at an animal shelter to walk one of theirs.

I also have a recumbent stationary bike i got for $100. I can’t ride a regular one because I broke my tailbone a while back and it is painful to sit on those old seats. Every other day is my routine, it is just too hard to find the time and I don’t like to wash my hair every day since it is long. I’m moving more than I used to, that’s all that counts.

So. A free diet plan that really works. No special food to buy, no diet books to study and feel guilty for straying from. No club memberships.
Eat less. Move more. I’m going to get that tatooed on my ass just in case I ever forget. If those words get bigger, then it is time to…eat less, move more.


2 thoughts on “A Diet That Really Works

  1. Congrats. You;ve just received the key to the fountain of youth.

    Most people never figure this out, so I no longer bother explaining. They are too busy chasing the latest fad or supplement.

    About running though – I run, I don’t jog. And yes it burns more calories than walking. But I am blessed with 20 year old joints in a 48 year old body, Not everyone is so lucky.

    But that runners high is so awesome, I get it most every morning. I am addicted, I admit it.

    Running in the morning, weight lifting in the evening, and booze at night. That’s the good life.

    This blogging thing just might be addicting too šŸ™‚

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