I want to go here

I gotta go. We went last year, but it wasn’t planned. My daughter was on a flight to meet me in the UK and on that plane was one of her favorite rock stars, Bert McCracken of The Used. When they landed I met him and he invited us to the Download Festival 2005, promising us we’d be on his guest list and have backstage passes and all that. Since we travel without any plans, we took him up on the offer and went.
Now I want to go to Download Festival 2006 but it is in 10 days and it is in the UK and I am not.
I can do it. Put together a trip in 10 days. The tickets are still affordable. The kids want to go. There are about 30 bands out there and the crowd is small and well behaved. Not dangerous.
And we can go to France on the way home.
Let me look at those airline tickets again.
Here’s the lead singer from the band The Used who we met from the plane, Bert McCracken. He’s digging through his papers to give us some festival info.

Below is someone with interesting hair I saw at the festival last year.


10 thoughts on “I want to go here

  1. Less than $1000 is a pretty good deal in the summer, especially less than a month out and with the higher gas prices.
    We were already planning on going to France this summer, but hadn’t made any plans yet. Since I don’t have any business going on with real estate right now, it is an especially good time to run off.

    About that girl. Yeah, I stopped her and asked if I could take a photo of her and she was so flattered. I took a lot of photos of strange hair and outfits on that trip, but hers was the prettiest and she is quite photogenic. Every time I see that photo I think it a shame she doesn’t have it.

  2. I think the cheapest I’ve gotten in summer is about $650. Long time ago. Because of the real estate, I can’t really plan too far in advance. I don’t plan too far in advance anyway.

  3. We don’t plan in advance, either. But from DFW to LGW in the winter it’s dirt cheap. The least we paid (ten years ago) was $248 before they added their extras, but it was still cheap. The most we paid was about $450, inclusive. We usually don’t buy more than a couple of weeks in advance, maybe a month.

  4. hey babe i think you are fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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