Set To Go

Got the tickets to the UK. Got a Mini car. Got the tickets to the festival. Got a room for three nights. That leaves two weeks to kill in Europe. One of my daughters wants to see Phantom of the Opera in London. We can go from the festival to London in the car (3 hours) or fly to just about anywhere from the airport that is right there (East Midlands). We do have to come back to London for our flight home, so we can catch a show on the tail end.
And I want a kiss from Paris. Gotta go there for a couple of days at least.
There is something that’s been nagging at me for a while now. Istambul, Turkey. It seems so exotic. I don’t know if it is the fact that it is the only city that sits on two continents or if it is that I refuse to believe that Islam is out to kill all us Christians, but I just gotta go see for myself. Turkey is almost 100% Muslim, but it is part of the EU. The important thing about that they no longer have the death penalty. How can a place without the death penalty be bad?
My father worked in North Africa and the Middle East in the 80s and I loved the stories he told about the hospitality and kindness of the peoples there. On his off days, he’d get in a Jeep and go into the desert and meet up with nomadic tribes who would invite him into their tents and offer him goat milk. He said you have to drink or eat anything they offer or they will take it as an insult.

I don’t know if there is enough time for all that. I have done some crazy trips on the rail out there and with little kids to add more crazy to it all. I can do frenzy. The kids have a little trouble with it though.
When the kids are all grown, I plan to sell everything and go to every corner of the world.


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