We did the whole three days at the Download Festival and I don’t know what I like more, the bands or the freak show audience. This guy is arguing with security because they wouldn’t allow his skeleton inside:

Maybe he didn’t have a ticket, it was sold out. There were 75,000 people there each day

It’s sort of scary at first, the dress code of this crowd. Lots of black and gothic looking stuff, piercings, (there was one chick with corset piercing on her back, she had the strings, oh, you can imagine it). Men in dresses. Not kilts, yes kilts, but not just kilts. That is a dude in the pigtails:

Yes lots of kilts too:

It is amazing that these people were so well behaved (for the first two days at least). Not what you’d expect at a heavy metal festival.
Something else you don’t expect at a place like this is Will Smith. My daughter kept saying, “I see Will Smith on the big screen.”
I kept saying, “No you don’t, he’d never be at a place like this.”

But he was. His wife, Jada Pinkett-Smith is the lead singer of Wicked Wisdom and they were playing when we first got there. Will was at the stage wings and that WAS him on the big screen. She rocks, BTW.

People are asking if there was any anti-Americanism in England. Not at the festival. Almost every band there (about 50) was American. Even stranger, there were so many Rebel flags people in the audience were waving about. Bizarre.

On the last day the crowd started bottle throwing. Glass is not allowed, these were plastic bottles with a little water in them. By the time Guns and Roses got on stage, there was an all out bottle war. I got hit four times (didn’t hurt) but saw some others get hit really hard. These bottles come from behind you. If you look back to see who did it, you will get hit harder and more often. The bass guitarist for Guns got slammed up side the head so bad that the band had to take a break for a while. That’s when we left. Why do this? Throw bottles? It doesn’t make any sense. At one time there were so many bottles up in the air, it looked like popcorn popping.

We’d planned to leave early anyway on the last night to avoid the traffic jam. Had to drive back to London to see Phantom of the Opera the next day.
It’s something we regretted because we had such bad seats.
And we don’t care much for London anyway. We did get lucky and stumble on the London premiere of The Lake House. We saw Sandra Bullock and I got Keanu Reeves to sign my tube map.

I’ll give France and Turkey their own entries.


6 thoughts on “Downloaded

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  2. People like you shouldn’t go to Download, “freak-show audience” you don’t know what you are talking about.
    Just because people choose to express themselves differently does not make them freaks. The only freaks are people like you who should just crawl back under your rock.

  3. You, I mean “me”, I didn’t mean freak in a bad way.
    Freak is good. And lots of fun. I went again this year for the third year and enjoyed it very much. Except for the bottling.

  4. freak in england is hardly ever used as a positive word, its used to describe social outcasts ONLY!! lol. that explains the confusion. ^^^

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