Pure Raw Fear

I don’t remember being so scared while learning how to drive. It wasn’t that bad either teaching my son how to drive. My daughter, however. She’s not getting it. She’s had driving school. She’s got a permit and when we go somewhere, we let her do the driving. It’s been months and still, a near collision every time we go out. The traffic is definately worse in just the last couple of years around here, maybe it’s that. But the thought of her alone in a car with a driver’s license makes me ill.
This may sound crazy, but I’m thinking about buying her a set of toy cars to “play” with. I played with cars when I was little. So did my son. Maybe that’ll help?


3 thoughts on “Pure Raw Fear

  1. Yikes. That is scary. I don’t know what to suggest except to take her out this weekend away from town and let her drive, drive, drive. Make her drive every time you go out. The more miles she gets under her belt, the better off you’ll all be.

  2. I just went out and bought her some Hot Wheels. I’ll show her what will happen if she takes a left without that green arrow protection. Or what happens if someone is going fast behind her and she stops before turning into the neighborhood. Sigh. Too much Barbie for little girls can be a bad thing.

  3. Sorry, you are just going to be freaked out. Kelsy has been driving for a year and I still can’t get in the car with her. the last time I did I took my mp3 player and a book and sat in the back seat. I still freaked out.

    I make Rob do it. And I just pray when she’s driving. She drove to work all summer without any serious incidents.

    It’s the same for all of us……

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