While at that outdoor mega rock festival this past summer, one of the first things I heard was a band on the main stage saying (not singing), “So if you know anybody who wants to jump, don’t let ’em do it, man.” Okay. This isn’t the first time I ask myself what the hell am I doing here?

One thing all bands did and I don’t notice it so much here, but over there, it was “motherfucker this” and “motherfucker that”. I asked some people in the crowd if they liked that and they said they did indeed, only if the band was American. Strange.

Then there was this one band we had to hear because the lead singer was female, we knew one of their songs, and we thought we could get up close to the stage. We did. This band came out and this was all they said, “We’re Flyleaf. We’re from Texas.” Then they totally rocked the house.

The lyrics in their songs were so much more hopeful than much of the other stuff we heard out there. They blew us away. I bought their CD as soon as we got home. It’s at the top of my playlist. I love this band.

So imagine the shock when checking them out on the internet. People who listen to Christian rock consider Flyleaf a Christian rock group.

What? Oh, no way. I’ve listened to all those songs and there’s no praise the Lord in there. Um. Wait. Most of the songs do have themes of hope and… What? I don’t listen to that kind of music. Never have. Chant, yes sometimes. Chorus too. But. Not. Christian. Rock.

But here’s the thing. They don’t come out and say, “Jesus was there for me.” It’s more like, “You were there for me.” Fill in the blank type stuff and whatever it is that brings you solace, be it a god or art or a lover, you can plug it into those lyrics. Reminds me of reading Mahfouz’s short story, “Zaabalawi.”
Whatever they are, I’m still listening.

Still, I’m cracked up that all these hard core rockers probably had no idea what they were headbanging to.
Check them out, from Temple, Texas, Flyleaf.


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