Buss Those Chops

I usually don’t cook stuff they make on tv. I don’t even usually watch cooking shows. A while back, I came across Emeril’s show, a special one for the police and firefighters who helped out after Katrina. This audience was supercharged and damn, the food looked so good and so easy, I had to make some of that stuff.
Here’s what I made, Double-Cut Pork Chops with Caramelized Onion Gravy and Pecan Glazed Sweet Potatoes.
Man, did it turn out well. The chops were tender and the flavors jumped out atcha.
It was pretty cool the way Emeril served it up to his audience. Two firefighters carried a long ladder horizontally, like a tray, with about ten plates of food on it.


6 thoughts on “Buss Those Chops

  1. i love pork chops and sweet potatoes…can i invite myself over next time?
    i’m addicted to the food network, myself. not just emeril, either, but my heart does belong to smothered southern cooking. yum!

  2. Saw the show, in fact my brother the fireman was one of the four sittig at the table behind Emeril. The trip was great for those guys. They were also able to spend the day with the group of NYFirefighters who came down to help during Katrina. You now make me want to try those dishes

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