Come On UPS Man

What’s taking so damn long? Tomorrow makes two weeks that the Apple Genius promised me a new battery for my MacBook Pro. I’m having trouble sitting in one spot trying to bang out these scenes. And I hate having this battery issue as an excuse.

I could never use a desktop computer. Grounded to a plug, everyone knows where to find me now (my desk) and they have no problem stopping me right in the middle of the scene I finally figured out with some question that just yanks me out of The Zone. When that happens, it’s like I just got shot.
In fact, I just got shot with this one, “Come here, quick.” I’m thinking someone got cut or something. It’s just something on tv. Now what was it I was about to tell you?


5 thoughts on “Come On UPS Man

  1. You got caught by that battery thing, too?

    For me it was lucky. My battery had just stopped holding a charge so I was already having to plug in, and was about to order a new battery when, voila! Free new battery.

    However, I plug in all over the place. Different places in the house. Starbucks. Etc. Lots of places have plugs!

  2. It looks like I have a 3 hour charge but it lasts maybe a minute. Strange, but I looked on the Apple forums and found out there was a silent recall. I called again yesterday and found out there was no battery on the way. Had to go through the process all over again.

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