Is She Really This Pretty?

She’s pushing forty and she wasn’t this beautiful when she was in her 20’s. Probably some photo editing or plastic surgery. Nobody grows a lock of hair out of the corner of their eye. Still, I’m jealous.
Nicole Kidman
Photo CNN


9 thoughts on “Is She Really This Pretty?

  1. I will be seeing her in person at the Women’s Business Conference on Sept 21. She is the keynote speaker. I will get a good close look at her as I will be sitting at a front table. I might even buy her book (which is why anyone speaks at these things) so I can get close to the PREZ and get an autograph.

    I’ll let you know how she really looks. And what’s the issue with plastic surgery, lol.

  2. I don’t know for sure about the book, just that usually when these start start making these speaking tour rounds it is to promote a book.

    I saw Goldie Hawn last year at this deal and got an autographed copy of her book. Goldie looked REAL good but her book stunk.

  3. miss kidman’s looks sure have changed from when she did “dead calm” which i caught on cable a few weeks ago.
    i had occasion, recently, to stand beside meg ryan at a charity event. in pix and films she still looks adorable to me but when i got up close i was staggered to see the work she’s had done is not just obvious but, scary-unnatural. and i always thought she was just the cutest thing ever.

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