Angel Baby

What is that saying again about the devil and idle hands? I know this. I do. Keep the hands busy. That’s how to keep the demons away. That’s my version. Usually it’s something to do with the house. Paint a room. Install some wood floors. Venetian plaster. Retile the shower. That’s how I got started with this mosaic I’m working on right now. It was my first mosaic and was actually turning out so well I decided not to put it in a shower of a house I intended to sell one day. I did something else, a quick mosaic of a compass and put that one in the shower.

So this one, I intend to frame it and hang it on a wall somewhere. It is painstakingly time consuming. To shape every piece, I use a tile saw and a tile biter. It’s all made from scraps. Leftover tile from a floor or shower, broken cups and saucers.

The playing card is so you’ll have an idea of the size of this piece.

angel mosaic


9 thoughts on “Angel Baby

  1. The first word that pops into my head when I see this is “patience” I envy people that can do art like this, I lucked out on the patience gene.

    Really amazing, Kitty.

  2. Thanks Hunny and AJ.
    You’re right, it does take a lot of patience. And safety goggles. The tile nippers send flying shards of tile everywhere. It makes a big mess, like working with broken glass.

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