Wanna Fight?

You wanna fight? Huh? Wanna fight?
Did that make you laugh?
Someone used to say this to me and it would always crack me up. Ask somebody out of the blue if they wanna fight and see if it makes them laugh.


13 thoughts on “Wanna Fight?

  1. It always works. Espceially when a fight is about to break out. Works like a mood reset button. You have to say it the right way, though. Teasingly.
    Now watch somebody come back here with a black eye.

  2. And it’s extremelly useful when you’re pissed off badly and just hope and pray the person you address the question to says yes. Say yes. Say yes you @^$%@(@!!

  3. Let’s fight, then. But promise you’ll still be talking to me tomorrow. Otherwise no way you’ll get to listen to my Xena voices.

  4. In the red corner, we have Sophia. In the blue corner, Kitty. Neither of which will swear, hit or pull hair. For refunds, please see the front desk.

  5. Hmm. I said this to a large Hispanic woman at the Sunset and Vine bus stop and she yelled “Semper Fi!” and beat the crap out of me with a Bed Bath N’ Beyond bag. No sense of humor I guess. Um, this was your idea, where do I sent the hospital bill again?

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