Project Runway Blues

This season’s Project Runway had me enthralled. I looked forward to Wednesdays. For a show on tv, a damn reality show. And yes, I am glad Jeffrey won, I was pulling for him from the very beginning even though he had tattoos all over his neck, punk hair, and a bad attitude. The dude was an ex-drug addict, a former homeless person. It’s not just that he was the underdog that had me pulling for him. He rocked the runway.

I grew up watching my mother sew. She loved doing costumes, Barbie clothes, and gorgeous dresses for me. She never used a pattern. She would take a newspaper, put it up against my back and draw her pattern like that. No instructions.

When I was a teen, I wanted a tennis dress, a special one. I couldn’t afford one anyway, so I busted the piggy bank, bought a pattern and some fabric and taught myself how to sew. I never was able to make things without patterns, but I sure did make a lot of pretty dresses for my little girls. And tons of costumes.

My girls have also done some sewing and have worn their “creations” to school. Elemetary school. I was afraid for them going to school like that with some Frankenstein-stitch looking skirts. Turns out the other kids liked it and wanted some custom skirts too. It worked wonders for their self esteem and I made a big deal out of their bravery. Sewing rocks!


7 thoughts on “Project Runway Blues

  1. I never could, can’t even sew a button on. I am not crafty, at all. Believe it or not, Rob is a pretty good seamstress (seamster?? what a totally CHAUVANISTIC word and actually owns a sewing machine.

    So when I need anything done like a hem or button he does it. But making clothes would be WAY beyond either of us. But I sure admire people who can.

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