Tricked Out Halloween Yards


Check out this post for more halloween yard photos.


14 thoughts on “Tricked Out Halloween Yards

  1. Hilarious pictures. Where are they taken from (or “at”?… or “to”?… my prepositions suck big time). Though they’re creepy, there’s something funny about them. I love the first one. Scaaaaaaaaaaaary!! LOL

  2. I took these photos last night. The first photo is from a house a few blocks away. The second a third photos are the front yard of one of my neighbors.
    Aggressive holiday decorators, huh?

  3. Another thing they do here is rent out empty buildings and turn them into haunted houses. It’s like a fun house with creatures. Dark, scary, really creepy. Usually they do it as a fundraiser for something, they charge an admission fee at the door.

  4. Cool. I am jealous that WordPress will let you post pictures. I continue to have zero luck with new camera and wordpress despite hours of work.

    You use a mac, don’t you. That good ole PC stuff could be my problem.

  5. Yeah, I’m on a Mac. But your problem is your pics you are uploading are too big. You need to decrease the size. A super simple way to do it is email the photo to yourself and click on the thing that says “smaller.”
    I sould like a real computer genius here, I know it. Once you get the photo back in email, save it in a special folder just for blog photos and then upload it from there.

  6. i really like i just started last year and i am 11 my house won 2 contests but i still am okay not as good as this im trying to get videos on youtube in 2007 halloween so myscreen name is probly going to be findly5 so ya nice job

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