Eccentric Writing Must Haves

There are a few little things I need before throwing down the pages. I’m talking script pages. Not brainstorming. Those ideas can go on anything that takes ink; a receipt, a memo pad, the back of an envelope. I’m using an outline for this script, but I don’t look at it often.

For script pages everything has to be just right or it’s a no go. Here’s what I need besides the computer and screenwriting software (Final Draft).

1) At least the midnight hour.
2) Noise cancelling headphones.
3) Ipod loaded with music, music, music. I’ve been listening to a lot of metal for this screenplay.
4) Diet Dr. Pepper.
5) Ice from Sonic. Pellet shaped. Here’s a photo.

I write something every single day. Sometimes it is just a few words. Sometimes it is a few pages. It is hardly ever a ton of pages. I know someone who once wrote 75 script pages in one day. She’s a ninja screenwriter. She can fess up to it in comments if she wants.

Do you have any eccentric writing habits?


17 thoughts on “Eccentric Writing Must Haves

  1. Eccentric? Nah! Personally, I’m a bore. My Diet Coke, my cigarettes lying next to an ashtray full of butts (an indication of how thoroughly I think about my pages *looks around to see if anyone believes her*), loud music, the damn phone switched off (cause, Murphy’s Law, whenever I sit down to write, the whole family remembers I’m still alive, like if I died they wouldn’t know), and the “Do not disturb” sign on the door handle (which noone respects, by the way).

  2. A very interesting ‘inside look” at Kitty “the writer”!

    I must admit that I was somewhat surprised (and disappointed) to find that I have no writing eccentricities (to speak of).

    1. For me, the best time to write is three or four a.m. I own the world at that most fertile hour (plus, there is no need for noise-reducing headphones because there is no sound . . .). Also, I need about four or five hours to get warmed up and reach that zone where things come freely.
    2. No headphones (see above).
    3. What metal have you been listening to? Can’t wait to read (more of) that script . . .
    As for me, I can’t afford an ipod and metal interferes with my concentration. When I’m drawing, I can listen to the heavier stuff but when I’m writing, it must be either classical music or more inspirational movie score/soundtracks that fit my subject matter. Go figure.
    4. Ice water. With much ice. There is no more perfect beverage.
    5. If you love those pellets, you should try crushed ice as processed by one of those old-timey Dazey brand wall-mounted ice grinders that were all the rage in the 50’s and 60’s. Awesome.

    Great topic!


  3. interesting, Roch, you too in the middle of the night? I like movie soundtracks too, I just got the one to “Running with Scissors” yesterday. Also got Sting’s new “Songs from the Labyrinth” which is somethng you’d probably like. It’s Elizabethan music with lutes and archlutes. Vocals by Sting, all music by John Dowland (1563-1626). I’ve listened to it once and I like it, but I keep going back to My Chemical Romance’s “Black Parade.” I’m addicted to that one. I bet it wins a ton of Grammys.

    I have to use the noise cancelling headphones, the buzz from the fridge and other low hums like that bug the helll out of me.

  4. I am like Roch – a morning writer. About 4 or 5 am. I get the best ideas when just waking up. Lay a liitle longer and let the ideas flow, put up a pot of coffee, have a smoke, and go upstairs to the office. Write for a few hours, and go to work (ugh).

    No music at all. Noone is up, noone calls – it is a great silent, alone time.

    By the way – since I started all of this writing? I am walking up and down those damn stairs at least 20 times a day – for a smoke, or whatevee. Works wonders for the butt…

  5. Before I start writing I like to read the first dozen pages of a screenplay, either an old fave or from someone I admire (to get a feel) OR I freeform write a scene totally made up from scratch and just run with it, let the mind warm up

  6. Wow Kitty, I am jealous of that ice machine. Trust you to tease with a photo.

    Ok, writing process– I need the iPod, always playing through the same set of songs for each particular script. I need a monster glass of coke with ice, a packet of chewing gum close by, a bowl of peanut M&Ms and I start at about 11pm.

    Oh, I usually have a tealight candle lit also, but with current Max restraints this is not possible.

  7. Michele and Moviequill, I’m amazed with writers who can wake up that early and write.

    AJ, I go to the Sonic Drive-In (a fast food place here) and buy the ice in a 10 pound bag. It would be great if my fridge made that sort of ice. Yeah, stay off those tealight candles.

  8. Oh, that is the best ice. And it is only .99. And you can go through the drive through to get it.

    There is nothing else like it in the world. When you crunch it the noise shuts out everything else in the world.

  9. How funny. I need 1,2 and 3 too in order to write. No Diet coke, but cherry coke would be a real treat. Or a M&S Orange and Mango juice. And I need Pink Shrimps (a kind of sweets).

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