The Dream World I Live In

My dad used to say it more than anyone else, “You live in a dream world.” I used to hate it, that he had me so pegged. But I’ve made pretty good use of it once I accepted it as a good thing. Here is a perfect example of my world.
You see this costume/dress/whatever?

Photo by Arthur Elgort

It’s one of the prettiest things I’ve ever seen in terms of color, texture, flow…I want to wear this thing. Where can one get away with wearing something like that if they haven’t done ballet since the age of eight? Where? In my dream world, that’s where. When I lie awake tonight trying to get to sleep, I’m going to imagine myself wearing that stupid wedding cake looking outfit to something special where people dress like that every single day. Kitty’s world. You in?


31 thoughts on “The Dream World I Live In

  1. Um. The last time my limbs extended anywhere near that kind of extension it was with the help of an inattentive driver behind the wheel of a rather large and very red Dodge Truck. But hey, I can make cool clumpy noises with the shoe and hop around like a duck.

  2. I like those cool clumpy toe shoe noises that only those shoes make. I have magical glitter, too. Cures all ills. And that song from Chorus Line, “Everything is Beautiful at the Ballet,” it plays when you first come in.

  3. Your Dad, too? Mine always told me that I was “weird” — these days I revel in my “weirdness”!

    If it makes you happy, wear that dress anywhere you want, and swing merrily from rafter to rafter if the mood grabs you. Celebrate!

  4. I have never seen anything like that dress before…wow. If people in your dream world get to wear that kind of thing every day, I am definitely in.

  5. whoa! SHE’S AMAZING! i mean, i’ve been doing ballet since i was four and i never managed to stand like that! and that dress! if that’s what people wear in this dreamworld i definately in!

  6. i´m so in.. totally
    i love ballet to..
    but .. i never had the opportunity to practice it..
    but it will be my dream come true
    if one day i could be a perfect ballerina

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