Listen Up

When I was a teen my mom refused to listen the radio in the car. She said it was too distracting, but really, it’s because it wasn’t 50’s music. Her stuff.

My iPod has the same stuff my teens have on theirs (plus some of my stuff, of course). When “we” get a new CD, I get to upload it first. I go get lyrics and read them over carefully. I think of their music as one of their peers. They listen to that stuff over and over again (remember doing that as a kid?) I want to know what messages they are hearing. One thing to understand as a parent is that peers can come in and screw up all the work you’ve done raising your kids. All of it.

I don’t buy censored versions or refuse to let them hear things, but if it’s a negative message, we talk about it. Most of the music they listen to is postive. My Chemical Romance is one of their favorite bands (mine too) and although Gerard Way has a death fetish, the main idea is “you do drugs, you will die.” This is something I want my kids to hear over and over. It is the truth.

I’m glad they don’t care much for rap. I’d listen if they did. It’s my job. The Britney Spears days were rough, though. And Hillary Duff, I’d rather hear nails on a chalkboard.


14 thoughts on “Listen Up

  1. You forgot to mention Paris Hilton. She’s so wrong for the ears. I think my hearing has deteriorated ever since I heard her croaking what’s gonna happen to her if God’s gone blind.

  2. I was never asked to turn my music off or change the radio station when I was a kid. My mom just put up with it. We traded music times in the car. She was a Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash fan, so I grew up listening to those tunes when it was her turn to play songs.

    This song trading provided me with a funny situation a year ago I went to see “Walk the Line” with a friend. I was sitting there singing all the songs under my breath while he sat there mildy distraught I knew them all.

  3. Oh, I’ve seen Paris’ video. My eyes!

    My dad was a Johnny Cash fan. I think his music actually rocks and that’s strange because I don’t care for country music at all. I guess Cash was not straight country. Neither Mom nor Dad liked country. I’d rather listen to nothing than listen to that stuff.

  4. You? A Southern? And you don’t like country music? I find it fascinating. Even though sometimes their accent is so odd I can’t figure out what they’re saying. Still, I love the sound of it. Am I weird?

    I’m sort into IL Divo these days. Their heavenly voices are the best med when I want to relax. Okay, some times I fall asleep.

  5. Sophia, although I am from the south, my area was big into Cajun music, and a good bit of Zydeco. I didn’t like either of those. Go figure.

    I’ll have to check out Il Divo. I think I’ve heard them somewhere.

  6. Il Divo is 4 hot guys singing tenor. They were formed by Simon Cowell and are very good.

    You really should get those kids to listen to Clay. πŸ™‚

  7. I read you blog almost every day. In fact, I just changed your link a few days ago. Why would I care if you left WordPress? Most of the blogs I read are not WordPress.
    It is easier for me to leave comments on WordPress and Blogger, though.

  8. Okay you are doing this all wrong. Real parents hand the kid an ipod and dvd controller at birth and then ignore the kid till the kid goes on a shooting spree at the local highschool and then whine to the government about not babysitting their kids’ viewing and listening habits. What are you thinking with all this involved parenting sash? That is just unnatural.

  9. Um, I did not even know Duff sang. I thought she was an actress in cheesy romantic comedies. And all I know bout Spears is she has had some sort of fashion and wedding scuffles. I do not have to follow these people, I do not have teenagers.

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