Robbed, I Tell You, Robbed

I always loved the word “sister,” probably because I never had one. All I got was bunch of stinkin’ brothers. It’s okay, I learned how to fight, learned street smarts, learned all those secrets about the way boys are.

When my girlfriends start talking about their sisters, I get all starry eyed and imagine what it would be like to have one. Sometimes I get just a little jealous. Tonight my mom was talking about how she made her sister a cake and how her sister bought her some shoes.

Bought her some shoes? I want a sister to buy me some shoes! I want to buy some shoes for a sister, too.
I was robbed, robbed, I tell you. No sister.

Okay it could be worse. At least I have brothers.


8 thoughts on “Robbed, I Tell You, Robbed

  1. Hey, you!! What am I supposed to say? I’m a f*******g only child!

    You remind me of a friend of mine. She has three brothers (she’s the youngest). She says that when they were little her brothers would compete each other on who can pee the furthest. She’d get jealous and pop in the middle trying to immitate them. They also made her a professional in spitting. See what beautiful things you can with brothers?

  2. Heh. Like you, I always wanted a sister. I also always used to imagine that I secretly had a twin, but my parents just couldn’t afford two so they had to give one up and I’d find her some day. Every once in a while, I still feel like I’m going to meet her coming around the corner.

    One time when I was in college, though, I almost did meet my “twin.” I was looking at the school’s newspaper and there was an ad for a hair salon and if I hadn’t known for a fact that I hadn’t taken that photo at that location, I would have sworn it was me. The guy next to me in line thought I was lying when I assured him it wasn’t me. Turned out her name was Samantha and occasionally, my friends would see her and think she was me and vice versa with her friends. We should have grabbed said friends and said, “let’s meet” but neither of us thought to do it at the time. Wish I had.

  3. I know, Cfo and Sophia, I was thinking about both of you. Having no siblings would have been a nightmare for me.

    Toni, that’s so funny, I wanted a twin too. You’ll have to settle for being my twin.

  4. I’m an only too, and I always wanted siblings – theres so much rotten stuff that comes with being a kid, it was a beautiful illusion that siblings would be there in the proverbial trenches with you. I ended up getting sort of adopted by the neighborhood boys, so I can kind of claim four older brothers – which made me very good at climbing trees and I can cuss like a master. But no sisters. I’m with you Kitty – where’s my cake and shoes??;)

  5. I have a sister and she has never bought me shoes. She has made me a cake, though.

    Sisters are okay, but sibling rivalry could be a bitch sometimes with a sister. She is just 16 months younger than me, and the competition has not really ended yet. It is always underneath the surface. So there it is KItty – the good and the bad, just like everything else.

  6. Beth, I had four brothers, yeah they can sure teach a girl how to cuss. And wrestle.

    Michele, I’ve seen sibling rivalry at it’s very worse, two brothers who barely talk because of it. I wish things wouldn’t be this way for you because you seem like such a wonderful person, it’s a real shame your sister isn’t taking full advantage of it. Oh well, we’re soul sistahs, right? BTW, my youngest brother was supposed to be a girl. “Her” name was supposed to be Michelle. I couldn’t believe it when my mamma brought that baby home and it was a boy.

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