Bundle of Nerves

Last night I took my kids and their friends for pizza, games, and a movie. One of the kids, a 15 year old stayed on the phone with her mother almost the entire time we were playing skeeball. I noticed she was shaking and crying, in a panic. There was some sort of mix-up and the mother didn’t want her to go to the movies, but she didn’t want to pick her up either.

We all had to miss the movie because I had to bring this kid home. When I brought her home, I waited in the car until she was inside her house safely. I noticed when she opened the door a dark shadowy figure came at her fast and then the door slammed shut. I was afraid for this kid, almost knocked at the door to make sure everything was okay, but I didn’t.

It’s sad to see a kid so shaken like this by a parent. The mom seems nice, we’ve met before. I asked my daughter if she thought the kid was being abused and she said her friend always reacts like this, that she’s a bundle of nerves.

Well no wonder.


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