Where’s The New Blak?

You either love it or hate it. I’ve never had so many store clerks open up a conversation about a product I’m buying as with Coca-Cola’s new Blak soft drink.
It’s a little bit coffee, a little bit Coke and comes in those old fashioned sized Coca-Cola bottles. I was hooked on the first one. At two bucks a pop, it’s an expensive habit, so I’d have one every other day. Then the grocery store started selling them for five dollars a 4 pack. Yay! It became a daily habit and then suddenly, I can’t find them anymore. I don’t know if people just didn’t like them or if they are like me, buying them as fast as they put them on the shelf.

Another product I like but can’t get here is Mini-Pringles. Check ’em out:

I’ve only seen them for sale in the UK. They are so cute and I can fit a whole chip in my mouth. Oh, if you put two chips back to back, you can make duckling lips. Or beaks. You know what I mean.

Have you tried Blak? Do you like it?


6 thoughts on “Where’s The New Blak?

  1. Hey, thanks for your comment. I came by and wow! I have to get some mini pringles for my son. He would love them. He loves the gummie life savers ,served in a little tray just like the mini pringles. I never tried BLAK somehow I new it’s be my next addiction.
    Have you ever tried making it at home? I tried coke in milk once because of the Lyverne and Shirley tv show.

  2. A friend of mine used to drink milk and Pepsi because of that show. She swore it tasted like a Coke float.

    I think I will try making some of it myself. Coke and espresso, why didn’t I think of that?

  3. Hi Kitty, I see you are sticking to your Hallidays…good for you!

    Sorry I haven’t been around much, I did post today.

    NO I never tried this Blak. All summer I was hooked on iced lattes from Starbucks, that got quite expensive.

    But I’m clean now, just H2O.

  4. never tried the blak , however i buy the mini pringles for kennedi all the time. They are sold at wal mart down the ilse with the cookies and crackers. they come in small indivual size bags.

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