Man Meat! (Taking Back Sunday concert)

My daughter Spanky is a bigtime Taking Back Sunday fan, so last night I took her to a concert where they headlined (How the Egde Stole Christmas). Of course, I like TBS as well, especially the lead singer Adam Lazarra because of all the neat tricks he does with his corded microphone. He throws it around like a yo-yo and catches it, spins it around like a helicopter over his head and then lets it wind around his neck. It never gets old. A few months ago he accidently knocked his bass player in the head with that thing and the guy had to get seven stitches.

I think Lazzara was sick (ill). He sounded hoarse when he first came on stage and he just didn’t have the same energy he had at the show we saw last summer. I saw him down two Red Bulls and it didn’t help. I don’t even think he was singing half the time. And he kept dropping the mic during his tricks.

When he’d have to yell, he’d turn his back to the audience and use a mic on a stand. We never “eye-witnessed” the actual yelling. I kept seeing him press these buttons on a box and wondered if he was… Well, I hate to say he was faking it. The audience sang most of the songs with him and his voice was really low. I think the audience knew he was sick and helped him out. Unusual. Still, it’s better than cancelling. I had tickets to a Sting concert once and he cancelled. I never liked him as much again.

Just before TBS played, 30 Seconds to Mars played for about and hour. Take a look at the lead singer, Jared Leto.

© Anthony G. Moore / Photorazzi

Okay ladies, now that you’ve picked yourself off of the floor, here’s Leto’s IMDB page. Such talent. His voice is just as gorgeous. Leto even braved going into the crowd to sing and surprisingly, he returned with his clothes intact.

I don’t know how the guy does it, all the movies and the tours. I’ll be seeing him again next spring for the Taste of Chaos Tour.

Before that band, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus played. They have a grunge look and sound, and just tonight, they were presented with their first gold record.

Photo: Virgin Records

Spanky called them “Man meat.” All of them (TBS, Leto, Jumpsuit). I was just so happy to see her take her nose out of a book for an evening. Well, she did bring one for between sets. She really cracks me up. She pointed out two guys near us, standing in front of their seats, moshing. Just the two of them.


10 thoughts on “Man Meat! (Taking Back Sunday concert)

  1. That Jared Leto is very cute! Bu the Man Meat group is a little skinny for my taste. Then again, I’m old enough to be their mother…maybe even (dare I say it) their grandmother. Sigh.

  2. Hi Bozoette,
    They are too old for my daughter. Almost all of them too young for me. The entire evening was a lineup of pretty boys.
    The Leto guy is not as young as you’d think, he’ll be 36 this month. That’s ancient for a rock musician, though.

  3. He certainly doesn’t look like a punk. None of these guys did. Can you believe a lot of people classify this stuff as “punk” rock?

    I call it “new” rock. Punk rock no longer really exists, not the punk like the Sex Pistols or The Ramones.

  4. 30 Seconds to Mars are only just starting to get a following here. I’m sure they will get the teenage girl “oh my god he is so hot” vote.

    Not that I can blame them. Mr Leto is rather swoony.

  5. Is it just me who finds it disturbing one of Kitty’s blog entries is titled “man meat”?

    Jeez. You are a daughter of the South. It is man “hors de ouvres.”

  6. Thanks for the correction, “hors de ouvres,” I’m glad you spelled it for me.

    Spanky is obsessed with man meat this week, she keeps talking about him. She even started her own blog about him. (And she used to laugh at me for having a blog.)

  7. I haven’t heard that about Leto, isn’t he dating Scarlett Johanssen? I think a lot of these guys are the G word. I’ve seen them in interviews and I don’t know, they talk a little girly.
    The kids of today don’t care as much about rock stars sexuality, not like back when poor Elton John had to get married to stop the rumors.

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