Big Junk

I got this piano years ago at an antique auction for about $150. It was painted black and in pretty bad shape, so I refinished it. It took about six months and came out nice, but when I got the piano man to come over and tune it, he had some very bad news. He said no child should ever play the thing because it did not keep a tune and it sounded horrible. It did, it sounded like an old saloon piano. How stupid of me to think this man could actually fix the sound.

So my daughter plays on an electronic keyboard and it is time to buy her a real piano. I need to get rid of this thing. Yes, it hurts like hell to have spent so much time on something and have to junk it. But how?

I’d like to take an ax to it, but maybe someone would like to have it. There was a shop I went in one time while travelling that made aquariums out of old upright pianos. That’s about all this thing is good for.


7 thoughts on “Big Junk

  1. I did the same thing many years ago, spent ages refinishing a piano. Ended up moving and basically giving it away. ::-(

    The last one I bought (a spinet, they don’t make those anymore) I had them refinish it before I brought it home. They only charged me like $150, it was TOTALLY worth it.

    Hope you find a good use for this one πŸ™‚

  2. Are you sure your only option is to either take it down or give it away? It looks so beautiful, sort of an antique. Too bad you had to spend all this money and all that time for a useless piano. But it still looks beautiful. What the heck… it’s winter. And your fireplace needs some good touchwood. There!

  3. It’s antique by American standards (over 75 years). I’ve heard I can have the guts taken out and replaced with good quality parts. The wood is rosewood, really beautiful and the keys are real ivory and ebony. Such a shame.

    I have to do something quick though, she wants it for Christmas.

  4. If you can find a really good “surgeon” to save your piano’s life, that would be wonderful. It’d be such a shame just a beauty to go wasted.

  5. WAIT!! It may just be that the strings have gone bad or the hammers need revoicing! What brand is it? It may be well worth restoration, and the end result will be a whole lot better than any other new piano for the same cost. Pianos of that quality just aren’t built today. What brand is it? Don’t give up on it yet!!! πŸ™‚

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