Two Happy Meals for Fitty Cents

My sixteen year old daughter is a natural at bargaining. I noticed it mostly this past summer at markets we went to in Istanbul. I’ve never been good at getting people to go too far down on price, but her dad is. She picked it up from him. It’s such a cool skill and it’s pretty hilarious to watch this kid “work it.”

We’ll go into a pizza place to pick up a pizza and she’ll just look at the pizza guy and say, “Don’t you think I should get some free bread sticks?” She gets free bread sticks. Every time.

One day she was telling her 13 year old sister and I how she and a friend went to McDonald’s after school and got two Happy Meals for fifty cents. She said she put two quarters on the counter and said, “I’m hungry, but all I have is fitty cents. What can I get?”
The guy looked at the two girls and said, “Pick what you want.”

Her siser says, “I know how she did it. Un hum…Push-up bra.”

It’s funny but not true.

This old shopkeeper in Istanbul was catching a headache while my daughter was working him over for a genie lamp. She walked out of the shop and he chased after her saying, “Okay, okay, two Turkish Lira.” He was wanting ten.



8 thoughts on “Two Happy Meals for Fitty Cents

  1. I didn’t know there was such a thing as haggling until I met my husband. Funny thing because my dad had worked all over the world and had been to many markets like these. He never told us about haggling.

    For my daughter and husband, it is a game of will. I think this skill is in the blood.

  2. Cfo, one of the last nights we were there I walked up the street with the guy who worked at the hotel, a Turk, to go get a bottle of Coke. On the way back I was laughing about how he got it much cheaper than I could have. Some guy walks out of his shop and says, “Here are the magic words: When they give you a price, you must look insulted and ask, ‘What, do I look like a tourist?’ and if he says, ‘Yes’ ask, ‘Do I look like an idiot, then?'”

  3. I am having a great time honing in on the best price for the last few things on my list.
    i am not such a good haggler. I will shop around though. I don’t like to over pay so I am always mindful of what I need. Sometimes I pay full price because it’s cheaper to buy something when I am alone shopping than if I come back for the sale the next day with my son. He’s really good at pulling toys off the shelf. It must be fun traveling with your kids. She picked out a genie lamp, how cool! Zach would have wanted all of them. LOL

  4. Jennifer,
    I’m the one who has the problem putting things we don’t need in the basket. Recently I uncovered a plot in this house. My daughter and I came back from the store and I was looking for this “As Seen on TV” thingy I’d just bought. My daughter said she put it back on the shelf and just after she said that, her dad high-fived her. Turns out he was paying the kids 50 cents for every item they took OUT of the basket.

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