I took my mother over to my son’s new apartment last night so she could see what it looked like. He met us out at the car and escorted Mom up the stairs. I reached the top first and watched him walk up, his head bobbing higher and higher until he was level with me. As he walked closer, I had a flashback. His first steps on his first birthday. His feet spread wide apart for balance. Like it was yesterday.

I wondered if I would have this same memory on Saturday. If I would be thinking of those first steps as he walked down the aisle to get married. I will, I know it. Things like this probably make parents cry like little girls at their children’s weddings.

My mother-in-law cried for my entire wedding. It was upsetting. I wondered if it meant she really did not want her son to marry me. She cried like it was a funeral. I had never seen her cry before. And never saw her cry like that again.

Now, in her shoes, I finally understand.

The whole time my son was growing up, he was such a good kid. Never told a lie. Never said a cuss word in front of me. Never came home with alcohol on his breath. Never made me feel like I had to raise my voice to him. Unbelievable, I know. But it is true. So, my thoughts while he was growing up were, I pity the poor girl who ever tries to marry him. She’ll never be good enough.

Her parents were probably thinking the same thing while she was growing up. I hope so.

So here’s wishing the very best for this perfect young couple. And here is the advice I will give them on Saturday.

Always respect each other.
That’s it. You have respect, everything else falls into place.

Here’s a photo of Baby Blane and I on the day he was born.


11 thoughts on “Walking

  1. So beautiful. Such a beautiful, sensitive, touching, emotional picture. He looks like a doll there. And fragile. Look at the way he’s sleeping, surrendered to his mother’s safe arms. Are you also asleep or kissing him?

    All my best wishes for you son and his wife to be. May they make each other happy. And may they teach their kids to never call you “grandma”.

  2. Thanks, Cyndi, a completment like that from such a beautiful lady, wow.

    Bozoette, I think all parents think this way. I have to admit, I never heard his fiancee cuss either. And the only time I smelled alcohol on her breath was when I gave it to her.

    Sophia, this is my favorite photo of my son. We had fallen asleep in my hospital bed. I like his little upper gum how it is showing.

  3. What a beautiful picture Kitty. You both look so beautiful together.

    I will be thinking of you at the wedding. I hope you will wear waterproof mascara.

  4. That picture is sublime. And tomorrow I’ll post the advice my mother-in-law told me, and pass it along to you. It is the secret that all mothers of sons should learn.

  5. Thanks, Michele, Dancinfairy, and Jennifer. My eyes watered quite a bit, but I didn’t cry. The way they had us seated, I had a good view of the back of my son’s head, couldn’t see his face.

    Pooks, I love that word “sublime.” Can’t wait until you spill the secret tomorrow.

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