That Skirt

I’d found the perfect blouse for the wedding and was going to wear it with a skirt I already had. But there was this gorgeous skirt that would have looked better, and I really wanted it. It was too expensive and it would have caused too much guilt.

On the other hand, I had guilt about not splurging on it since it is for my son’s wedding. How could I cheap out like that? So I went back to the store last night with all of my fingers and toes crossed in hope that it would be on sale. It wasn’t. Looking at the price tag to make damn sure, it turns out I was wrong. That skirt was half the price I thought it was. By now, they had sold my size. Luckily, the clerk said they could alter it and have it back to me that same evening.

It’s mine now. Another funny thing, I’d written about a skirt exactly like this in my script a couple of months ago and didn’t realize this until I tried it on last night. It was a strange moment looking in the mirror, thinking about my character. It’s important to the story, that skirt, and she buys it at the last minute. Do we write what we are, or become what we write? Or both?

It is a silk skirt with tulle underlayers.


12 thoughts on “That Skirt

  1. Thank God you got the skirt. I would have had to come out there and kick your ass… oh, wait, wrong tone. Um —

    It is a lovely skirt. Good job.

    Also, you can turn that skirt inside out and the tulle will be like the ruffly lavender ballet dancer dress only black instead of lavender. That is just thrifty.

  2. Overnight because of a lottery windfall, she was able to hire thereapist to work with her son, finance her movie and fall deeply in love with her soulmate who took her, her son, his nanny all to travel Europe. Or She won the retreat with Oprah and then was offered a job as a professional Oprah viewer.

    LOL just in case it works, I thought I better write myself a happy ending. : )
    The skirt is awesome and the story is really cool. I love things like that.

  3. I am glad you bought that skirt too. It is nice to treat yourself sometimes, especially for such an imprtnat occasion.

    The fact that it was marked down means it ws meant to be, Kitty.

    Now I am waiting to see that skirt in your script.

  4. You got the skirt? God, girl, you almost drove me insane the other night. You are just so lucky I don’t live close, otherwise it’d be two legs kicking your ass, and this is not wrong tone he he he! And I’m so glad that you finally got it, cause this skirt totally rocks. Yay!!

    It’s funny, but the moment I saw that skirt I thought of Nichole. Life does immitate art afterall (or is it the other way around?).

  5. So skipping the fact you got the skirt [major important point] and the point is has fun tulle layers underneath [major important point] and the fact it is silk [major important point] um —

    How did the freaking wedding go?

  6. What an amazingly beautiful skirt. I am so glad you got it after all. I, too, thought of your character, Nicole, when I first saw it. Funny how things connect sometimes.

  7. Pst? You! Are you there? You’re freaking me out! You haven’t written anything for the day, you haven’t answered your latest posts. This is so unlike you. Did you survive?

  8. Jennifer, don’t ever stop dreaming. Dreams do come true.

    Michele, Jen, Max, and Sophia, I am so glad you all talked me into going back for this skirt. I never got this many complements for something I wore as I did with this magical outfit.

    One lady told me I looked like I just walked out of a doll case. And the photographer kept yelling, “Where is the mother, where is the mother!” I was right there. He refused to believe I was not the sister of the groom.

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