It was a beautiful day and it was the most beautiful wedding we’ve ever been to. Nothing went wrong.
We gave him a big fat kiss.

wedding kiss

That’s my big blurry bubble…


Somebody dropped them off at the airport hotel for their honeymoon flight in the morning. Okay. Since we had a big dinner later that evening with all of our out-of-town family members, we had to pick up the newlyweds for dinner, then bring them back to the hotel again. (do we ever stop driving these kids around?).

Okay. I get a call at 2 AM.

Son: Mom, you busy?
Me: No. What you doing up?
Son: Can you come and bring us to CVS pharmacy?
Me: Sure.

The airport hotel is an hour from my house. But I went. Brought them to the pharmacy. The bride somehow lost almost all of her bags. If I would have really really wanted, I could have had myself a grandchild next year.

They could have called a cab. They called me instead. I told them they really just wanted me to bring them to get some candy.

I remember that first night I was married. I cried like a baby for my mamma.

During my one hour drive home, it felt good. Really good that my son feels he can call me in the middle of the night to do something for them and that things like this never make me mad. And that I had them all to myself for a little while. The three of us who just hours earler were dressed like kings and queens were riding around dressed like bums, looking for a pharmacy in the middle of the night.


20 thoughts on “Mamma!

  1. I have been waiting for this post… I glad all turned out well. Boy I wish I would have went. So you are glad they called you in the middle of the night, but just wait till they call you when the baby wont stop crying. Asking “whats wrong?” and “What should we do?” ” how do you stop this thing from crying?” Then at that point they will surely appreciate that you stay up most of the night and that they could call you at 2 am. I so glad this was a happy ending for all of you. Best wishes to the new couple.

  2. See, you just didn’t understand what the old adage meant, did you?

    “You aren’t losing a son, you’re gaining another daughter.”


    (Beautiful pictures.)

  3. True, Cfo.

    Ape, your dad rode with me to the wedding and kept saying, “Shane would be here, he would’ve come.” When we got out of the car for the wedding, right when he opened the car door, there was a feather on the ground. He picked it up and said, “Look, remember what all those people wrote on your blog about spirits and butterflies and feathers?” Your dad had the biggest smile on his face and he kept that feather in his pocket.

    I wish you could have come, too, Ape. We all had a wonderful weekend.

  4. Pooks, she is like a daughter to us. I have a daughter-in-law, now. That sounds so strange. Even stranger is seeing the wedding ring on his finger. It seemed like something that would drag his hand to the ground, like a thousand pounds.

  5. “If I would have really really wanted, I could have had myself a grandchild next year”. This one cracked me up. Can you imagine a small, tiny thing crawling around your feet, calling you “GRAND-Mama”?? And you thinking, gosh, that night at that pharmacy, I should have given them money to buy more of that stuff! Congrats for your “babies”! Now it’s your girls’ turn 🙂

  6. Winter Weddings are always so beautiful. So glad your new daughter in law is integrated into your family already. I love how you cherish it all. Your son will never have to choose between you two.

  7. Sophia, hush your mouth. LOL.

    Jennifer, I have a video of my son at the age of eight looking straight into the camera saying “I will never get married.” I had him repeat it in the video and I’m laughing in there saying, “I will show this to your future wife.” After he got engaged, we showed his fiance the video and had a good laugh.

  8. Calling mom for a 2 am pharmacy run is just awesome. It really is great that he knows he can do that and that will come through. You are both very lucky.

    Great pictures. He is very handsome.

  9. Missing the moments that you will remember for the rest of your life are all too frequent for me. It comes with the profession and is by far the worst part of the job. My lil patna’ is all grown up now. I really wish I could have made it out to see him take the walk into the rest of his life. Send my wishes to the newlyweds.

  10. So happy to hear it went well, Kitty. Gorgeous photos too. I like the close up head shot of the two of them in the other wordpress shots. Very cute.

    By the way, if I rang my mom at 2am she would abuse hell out of me, unless of course I was half dead, after 2am is half dead and dying calls only.

  11. Ca Pone, she is not to blame for that, she was off at college for the last two years. That is his recent ramen noodle and hot dog diet and the desk job.

    Aj, it would have been a little more difficult for me to hop out of here at say, 10AM. But I still would have done it. My mom, too, she would do just about anything day or night, if you can find her.

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