Slicker Than Slick

I can be pretty slick sometimes. I convinced my husband that I had to have my Christmas present (a digital camera) early so that I can know how to use it on Chirstmas day. To take photos of all the joy on everyone’s face as they opened their gifts. Need to charge the battery, too. So I got it today. I opened the box, “Just for the book,” I said. Didn’t touch the camera. Not while he was around.

He’s slicker than me. I’m getting the memory from someone else. So yeah, I got my camera but can’t take any photos to show you. Sorry, we’ll all have to suffer the grainy photos for a little longer.


11 thoughts on “Slicker Than Slick

  1. my camera before this one was a panasonic point and shoot. it was one of the first digital cameras out there. boy was the shutter speed slow. i gave it to my mom to use when i got my dslr. i am so loving my new camera. i subscribe to a few photo magazines and seen great reviews about the camera that you are getting.

  2. You two are soooo bad!!! And you’re both hilarious. Guess he deserves to be the first one to be taken a photo by that camera he bought you for… Christmas?

  3. Great idea Soph, he hates having his picture taken.

    Ape, my old point and shoot was a point, wait…wait…shoot. I’m also getting a DSLR for my birthday which is right around the corner. I’m thinking of getting a Nikon D40 or D70.
    Still not sure. Needs research.

  4. Your story may not have the poignancy of the “Gift of the Magi”, where Jim gives Della the combs after she’s cut off her hair to buy the watch fob, but it still has something of an O’Henry ‘twist’…. this twist, however, was on purpose!

    Annie at the Transplantable Rose

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