Really Strange Guys

Okay, in the record section of the store, and I’m not telling which store because I am supposed to be boycotting them and refuse to advertise for them. Yeah, the music department, fumbling with a CD by that barcode preview thing… The clerk, a big-bellied guy with a handlebar mustache insists on helping me get it to work. Then he hangs around to see (and hear) what I was previewing. The music video pops up, AFI’s “Miss Murder.”

Mr. Handlebar Mustache looks at the weird guy singing, looks at me, looks back at the weird guy. He asks, “You don’t listen to that hard rock?
I pause for a while, hey, is he trying to sell this stuff or not? Finally I tell him, “Yep, I do.”
He rolls his eyes and walks off.
Yeah I listen to this punkass crap. That and techno is about the only thing with the right beat for my workouts. It’s brutal, my exercise routine which keeps me sane. And this music, it chases off the really strange guys.

I got hooked on this music after MTV got all trashed up with rap and reality shows. I had to go to Fuse TV to watch some rock.

Here’s AFI’s “Miss Murder.” Don’t be afraid.


13 thoughts on “Really Strange Guys

  1. Max, you know how you’re always talking about guys in record stores snobbing out on you? This guy wouldn’t come to the register to sell it to me.

    Z, I remember you talking about that, how he kept playing it over and over. LOL.

    Pooks, I can handle rap in French, actually. The language is perfect for that music.

    Nobody notice the gorgeous mosaics on the floors and ceilings in this video?

  2. Oh rap in French??I was going to say I have some techno in French that I think switches my brain to happy. I once met a handelbar guy on a train to Chicago, he was Mr. Naked City America. It’s that perfect scary/ funny………after the fact of course.

  3. Don’tcha just love guys in record stores who are too good to ring your merchandise up because you have faulty taste in music? Not too good to estimate your bra size when you walk through the door or to surreptitiously stalk you through the aisles to see what your music taste is though. I always wonder just how far that music honor system goes. Like they can’t ring your merchandise up, but if you offered them sex, would your faulty music taste or their libido win?

    The more times I listen to this song the more I like it. I have to look up more stuff by this band.

  4. The guy has a beautiful voice. You can tell by the way he sings with that lower jaw all the way open that he has studied voice. You may like this song from that same CD (Decemberunderground). This one is “The Interview” I like it lots, although the ending is a little too Emo for me.

  5. You know I am just staring at that thinking, with this animator and this band, I could make Groingen’s Wolves. Screw the studios, just make it without them, then all it would take would be the cash to hit the festival circuit to pick up a distributor.

  6. Oh, except I don’t know who the animator is or if that was original or just grabbing existing animation, which it could be with the subtitles and pasting it to the music. But I am going to find out.

  7. I know, I am just realizing a lot of people are making their own music videos of their favorite songs. I wish I knew how to do this stuff, I’d be doing it. I love music videos because they are like short stories.

    Great idea, Max.

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