Two Wrongs To Make It Right

Okay, so I done Max wrong, suggested she listen to a rock Christmas song in which I was unfamiliar with the lyrics. Well, the song still rocks, but if I could decorate the dog house, this is what it would look like:

Go ahead and click that thing, it is a cool light show.

I can’t believe I’m still doing this Holidailies thing, posting every day for the month of December. I knew I could do it or I wouldn’t have committed, but it seemed like it would be difficult to come up with ideas. It hasn’t. It’s been fun, I’ve found a lot of cool blogs in the process, learned a lot of new things about blogging, and have already decided to do it again next year.


13 thoughts on “Two Wrongs To Make It Right

  1. Michele, you just missed it, AJ signed on right after you left and got this party started.

    So, Max, funny like AJ and I are out of the dog house now?

    Yay, Jennifer, glad I made your boy smile.

  2. Clearly I have no strength of character, I should be stomping around in a rage and instead I am pilfering the dog house beer stash. Oh the humanity.

    Merry Christmas, Cupcakes.

  3. Bozoette, same here, I’m glad I found your blog on Holidailies. Uh oh, you getting hooked on that Coke Blak? LOL. I loved your post on that.

    Max, you epitomize strength in character even when you are drinking spiced rum and eggnog.

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