First Photo

Here is the first photo with the new camera.

It’s a closeup of my angel topper’s basket. The star in the basket is from Shane’s tree.

I’m loving this camera, it shoots much faster than the old one and has 10x optical zoom. I’ve only read about two pages of the book, so I’m not sure yet what this thing can do. I just got the memory today from my son, he was too sick from food poisoning to come over on Christmas. Yeah, on their way back from their honeymoon, a stewardess offered he and his wife some rice pudding she had made at home. They both got sick but are better now.

I am so glad Christmas is over and everyone is safely back home. I am so behind on the workshop, workouts, everything…


6 thoughts on “First Photo

  1. Wow. Camera evidence! Pretty shot too.

    I am behind on everything too Kitty. I say we blame Max. If she hadn’t put us in the doghouse, this wouldn’t have happened.

  2. This pic looks great! I like how the gold reflects light. I have been trying to capture that in my photo of my painting and no luck so far. So could you tell me what kind of lights you had? Just the camera flash or was there ceiling light near by?

  3. I try like hell never to use the flash because I am not gifted with or even capable of controlling light. I hate shadows, so I keep the flash off. Unless I want the shadows to make something look creepy.

    I have a lot of natural light coming into the house. In this pic, the light was coming from the south in the late afternoon. Check out AJ’s blog in my blogroll, she’s a professional and very gifted photographer. Leave her a comment with a question and she’ll be happy to help, I’m sure.

  4. AJ just moved her blog to that address, make sure you have a “previous” button, if not, I think you have to click on the photo to get the cookie.

    The workshop is a screenwriting critique group headed by Max Adams. At least once per month we submit work and do at least three reviews of other member’s work. If you are a screenwriter and would like more info, email me and I’ll give you more details.

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