Those Pants

Believe it or not, this is my favorite article of clothing.

It’s a pair of Calvin Klein pants I got about 10 years ago for five bucks at Ross. Best fi-dollas ever spent. Depending on your perspective, they either always look dirty or always look clean. They have been on every trip.

The huge side pockets are great for the camera, passports, iteneraries. Not very jetset, but that’s part of the reason too. I’ve never been pickpocketed. I have on occassion sewn one pocket shut if we’re hanging in a risky area like a crowded rock festival where the ATM machines have run out of cash.

The drawstring waist means they always fit. Too much baguette and creme brulee? No worries. Too much castle step-climbing and not enough duty-free Toblerone? Same deal. The drawstring is so torn up I’ve had to tie knots in them to keep from losing the ends. Both sides.

They’re perfect for sleeping on night trains. I can sleepwalk during the night (I do that) but best of all, I’m already dressed on arrival. That’s how these pants got the nickname, “filthy train pants.”


10 thoughts on “Those Pants

  1. I have a friend who works at Urban Outfitters, He said, someone ( I forgot who) has a knock off of those Juicy pants at Macy’s. Now that I know there is free candy I ‘m going!

  2. OMG. I am SOOOO glad you didn’t say ‘loosing’, which is my favorite pet language peeve, and a mistake that 90% + of the english speakers in the world seem to make with nauseating regularity.

    Speaking of resolutions, I am resolved to quit ending sentences with a preposition, as in “where is that AT”.

    Instead I am just going to say “Ou?”

  3. Michele, those pants would look just great on you. The pockets actually hang close to the knee.

    Cfo, I don’t have any pet peeves like that. I don’t care if a word is misspelled or if sentences end in prepostions. Must be the Cajun in me. I love natural language patterns, mistakes and all. People from New Orleans, for instance say, “Where your mamma at?” You can’t translate that to proper English without losing something.

    I do expect proper English in things like medical books. “Where the gallbladder at?”
    But on blogs? Well, this one has lots of mistakes. I do know proper English, studied tons of it in college, but where I’m from? (saw that preposition? and oh, parenthesis, they say don’t use, but I love them.) You’d miss all that. I want this blog to have a comfy feel. Ideas are way more important.

    I’m not picking on you Cfo, the thing is people have told me, “I don’t leave comments on your blog because I know you are a writer and I can’t write well.”
    I don’t want people to feel that way here. I have enough critiquing in my workshop to do, ain’t gonna do that here.

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