Calling All Dogs

I am on a neighborhood email list and got this today from a frustrated neighbor:

I have seen a small dog with a tag wandering about in the neighborhood but don’t know who owns that.
I would like to bring this into everyone’s notice that there are some dog owners who walk their dogs in the neighborhood and don’t cleanup after their dogs in other peoples yards, This is very bad and I believe its against the law as well. I have noticed this on many occasions when I don’t see an owner without anything(plastic bags etc) to cleanup after their dogs. This problem has become worse in the last few weeks with dog poops lying everywhere in the front yards.
Lately I have noticed a small white dog with black ears and a black spot on the back wandering around un-accompanied pooping in front yards. He had a tag, but I could not get the name.
I am requesting everyone to pass this on to the dog owners to be a little considerate and cleanup after their dogs.

I’m not sure exactly where in the neighborhood this guy lives, but I have to find out. I had no idea us dog owners were being staked out for possession of plastic bags. I keep them in my pocket. And what if my dog already shat and I’ve thrown it away in someone’s (maybe his) trash can?

It’s time for that shit-in-the-bag-on-fire and ring-the-doorbell prank. We’ll find him. I printed out the email and had my dogs sniff out his scent. We’ll find him alright.

Here’s my posse:

The two black ones are Blane and Angela’s, the light ones are mine, and the one with the fangs is Pablo, Shane’s dog.

Hell, I’m sure I can get all of the dogs at DogsAgainstBush to help us out.


12 thoughts on “Calling All Dogs

  1. What was this moron thinking? A dog wandering alone is a lost dog, you grab the dog and call the number on the dog’s collar so the distraught owner can come get the dog. Jeez, one time Dolph got out and I was crazed till a lady down the hill called me, she saw him, grabbed him, and called me.


    [freaking moron]

  2. I imagine he had just stepped in dogshit and didn’t try to catch the dog because he was too worried about his shoe. That, or he doesn’t want to touch “that” [dog].

    I have a message for him alright…

  3. I always carry a plastic bag, too. But frankly I do not get freaked out when other dogs poo on my lawn. I do get upset when pit bulls are roaming off leash, but that hasn’t happened in a long time.

  4. What prompted his email was another homeowner had written to us about a loose German shepherd without a collar. She kept trying to catch him, but it just made him run out of the neighborhood. She was sincerely worried about the dog. I thing this guy, with his response, just does not like dogs. Or dog owners.

  5. Jeez! I can’t believe those morons. When my doggie was still here and I’d walk him out, I would get every so often verbally beaten up because… I don’t know…. I guess because he even existed and breathed. Once a neighbor started yelling at me that if he saw my dog pooping in his front yard again, he’d grab my dog and cut his legs. I got infuriated. Firstly, because I would always walk my dog on a leash and would never allow him to do that in other people’s yards. And secondly because that man was such an ass to say such a horrible thing. I stretched my body and told him that if he even considered touching my dog, next time I’d see him peeing behind a very specific pine tree (um, yep, he’d do that. Still haven’t figured out why), I’d cut his… you know what. We still don’t talk to each other.

    Kit, I hope you find that guy. May a thousand stray dogs poop in his front yard and all his shoes get soaked in the dog-manure. Amen!

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