Back to Blak

I’m still looking all over the place for Blak, that new fusion crazy soda drink. This chick, a real clown, Bozoette tried it after reading about it here and she posted a hilarious review of her first Blak experience in this post.

It was this chick, though who left a comment on my “Where’s The New Blak” post with her bright idea to just make it at home. Well I am a DIY type, had thought of it before, but there’s just something about being egged on that made me actually try it.

Should be easy enough, get some Coke, a shot of espresso with a pinch of artificial sweetner, and a glass:

Pour in a decent amount of Coke:

Now a little espresso:

A violent reaction, like those volcano science projects we all do for school. Quick, run, get some towels!

Oh, would I drink this botched experimental liquid? You bet. It was the nastiest thing I have ever tasted and I’m pretty sure it is what made me turn into a little green monster. True, I’m tap dancing out this post with my tiny little feet.

And little green monsters can make a mean creme brulee:

That’s it for today’s kitchen experiments. Tomorrow I will tell you all about our wicked bookcase/DVD shelf in that room upstairs.


28 thoughts on “Back to Blak

  1. Yes, it was delicious. I made it from scratch. I had this half pint of whipping cream from Christmas and didn’t want it to go to waste. I usually use a mix for my creme brulee but didn’t have any. I never thought I’d bake custard in the oven in a pan of water, that just seemed so difficult. It was fun though, Spanky helped me.
    (we also had to bake the brown sugar in the oven to dry it out too, never thought I’d do that either)

  2. I remember my mother making egg custard in the oven in water when I was sick.

    I wonder why I had to be sick to get egg custard.

    And that creme brulee looks ab-fab.

  3. I’m pretty sure I’ve grown some extra rib meat from this stuff.

    Pooks, your mother was smart, egg custard in one of the best foods for most illness. Learned that in nursing school.

    How often did you play sick to get that stuff?

  4. Two areas on highschool campuses blow up regularly. One is the boy’s restroom. This is usually the result of some frisky deliinquent planning to make cherry bombs, then panicking when he hears footsteps and flushing a chemical that becomes combustible when it comes in contact with water. The other is the lab. Yes, the lab. Where they do things like mix Coca Cola with other substances to see what happens.

    You are lucky you made it out alive.

  5. What is really scary is this is something I put in my stomach daily. A cup of coffee, and then a soda. That’s the first thing I thought of when this stuff erupted. Spontaneous combustion.

  6. LOL. You crack me up, Max.

    Right now you know what I’m fighting? I’m trying to write a stupid song, andI’m freaking stuck because of that time you told me about having some producer ask you to sing a song you had in a script while you were pitching it. I’m thinking, if I write this song, I may have to sing it. My brain knows better than to write something I’ll have to sing.

  7. Oh I did not even write that song. It just had a title and sounded so real they thought there was a song. A good thing in a pitch when things sound so real they start taking it for granted all this stuff exists. Go ahead and write it. If they ask you to sing it say your accompaniest is in rehab but as soon as he gets out you are all over it.

  8. Write the song, Kit. And you never know. My Chemical Romance may buy it and make it a huge world success. Oh, and btw, they were on our music channel last night. I was watching their clip and thinking of you.

  9. I am soooo thirsty now! LOL Ok, you are brave in the kitchen! I was getting excited about making my New Years Nachos in the oven for the first time instead in the microwave. Thanks Pooks I love creme brulee but I would start a fire or torch myself with that thing. I am impressed!
    I really want to throw away all of my DVD cases so I’d like to see what you are doing with them.
    Write the song! I think a song is the ultimate in the creative process.

  10. Good luck with the nachos, Jennifer! They are basic comfort food, not high cuisine. I mean, I know you can get fancy with them, but melted cheddar cheese over tostitos with salsa is pretty yum its own self.

    And if you want to go true old school Texas — take Fritos (the real Fritos) and put them in a bowl, then pour some chili over them, then grated cheese and chopped onions on top. That’s “frito pie” and it’s great. You can add sour cream, cilantro and/or salsa if you want, but the basic Fritos, chili, cheese and onions are the original!

  11. I just had Blak in Paris. Came in a sleek, elegant can about 8″ tall maybe 2″ in dia. no bottles. Didn’t find it over exciting. I noticed it had a very short shelf life and am of the opinion that it “might” have been pulled for that reason. Wasn’t moving fast enough.
    For the chemist in you, mix up some calamocha the national drink of Spain.
    50% regular Coke 50% Red Wine. Mmmm
    I have to go back to Paris in Feb. I check out the Blak scene.

  12. You are desperate for Coke Blak. I knew this, I just didn’t know the lengths you would go to. I say the hunt isn’t over till you blow your kitchen.

  13. Max, Sophia, Jennifer, I didn’t write the song, just a line. It may not be important, anyway. I just wanted to blame something on Max.

    Yes, Bozoette, that calls for some creme brulee, you can have all the rest over here, we’re all brulee’d out.

    Brut, I’ve had those in the cans in Europe and they taste just as good. How dare you tease about going back in Feb. to have some more? LOL. Does calamocha blow up?

    Thanks, Michele, you too, have a safe and Happy New Year.

    AJ, I probably will, I have the jones for some Blak right now. There’s got to be a way. I’ll send photo evidence when I hit the magic formula. Or blow up the kitchen, which ever comes first.

  14. Well I think putting the two beverages together only works if you merge the espresso and syrup ingredients before you add the cabonation. Once Coke is cabonated, you throw other stuff in there and the kitchen is going to blow.

  15. No, Next , calamocha does not blow up. Although they say it is the national drink of Spain I’ve only had it in Basque country. They mix the wine and coke because the coke is so damn expensive. In most places in Spain wine is cheaper than water. Sorry about having to go back to Paris in Feb. I know it’s a rotten life but it’s the one I got to live. Max, that knee crack is hitting below the belt. I have a major purple scar because it didn’t get stitched. sniff

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