Yahoo Is The New Answering Machine

My son went to about four stores to find some Coke Blak for my birthday and he didn’t have any luck. He had no idea that a couple of days ago I got lucky and found a stash of Blak while going to the store for a jug of milk. There were about eight 4-paks on sale.

I did not buy them all. Yes they are hard to find but I had to leave some supply for the other Blak fiends out there. Wouldn’t want to break their habit and slow the demand. Noooo.

Why is this stuff is getting harder to find? Maybe Yahoo Answers would know. Those guys know everything. I’ve been wondering for months what the name of that spot behind the knee is called (popliteal). Why would I want to know that? Because someone asked me and I couldn’t remember what it was. It drove me nuts for a while, that question.

Now that is a magical tool, that Yahoo question thing. Ask it anything, there are geniuses sitting around all day waiting for a new question to answer. These “answerers” get points for giving the best answer. Ten points for each. Some people on there have thousands and thousands of points. They are fast, too, it took me about one minute to get my answer from three different people. Four hours after asking the question is when I go back and mark the best answer. That’s how these people get their points.

It’s fun to browse the questions. Especially while hopped up on Blak. This one cracked me up, “Two people evoked some spirits, so why did I get attacked?” The answers to it were even crazier. Something like, “Where do you live? I saw your question about gunshot wounds, you should move away from there.”

So we’ve been going crazy on this thing today.
Me: Can you go get some sour cream, I need it for this recipe?
Blane: Ask that question thing for a substitute…
Yahoo thing: vanilla yogurt…buttermilk…
Me: vanilla pudding. I want points for answering my own question.

Now if you go over there and see my screenname with a bunch of points, that’s not me, my genius kid has been answering homework questions for other kids. I told her to go make her own screenname before people think I’m smart like her.

Here’s a question the thing can’t answer, “Who was it that asked me what’s the name of the spot behind the knee?”


8 thoughts on “Yahoo Is The New Answering Machine

  1. I don;t know if you read the comics in the newspaper. But one of them today was about this – the people (in there 40s or so) were trying to remember the name of a movie sans success.

    They googled it and got the answer…then made the comment that “the internet has made senior moments so much less painful”…

    I can relate, LOL

  2. This is different, though. There are people fighting to answer your question, it’s not a search engine. It’s a question forum.
    My son claims the physics part is just wild. I wouldn’t know because I don’t understand that stuff.

  3. I know, Jennifer, it is addictive, isn’t it?
    I haven’t figured it all out yet, but sure had a lot of fun on there and making a lot of jokes around here about that thing.

  4. Uh un AJ. You can even ask that thing for writing ideas. LOL. I saw some of that too.

    That must be where Max went. I haven’t seen her here. She must be answering all the questions, racking up hundreds of thousands of points.

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