Major Find

I finally found a major stash of my old CDs. I was looking on my iPod for some old Sting song and realized I didn’t have all of his CDs on there. I dug and dug through boxes and finally found the mother lode.

Now don’t laugh at me for listening to Sting. He’s got Branford Marsalis in there playing his horn. And he’s still hot even though a friend of mine calls him “Sting, the ugly thing.”

Oh, I also found Miles Davis’ “Birth of the Cool.” How dare I get along without that for 6 months? Oh, and damn, The Police’s box set. I don’t have any idea how I lost so much music moving my music from a pc to a Mac with this iPod. The pc later crashed. But hey, I have hard copy. That’s why I don’t buy music from iTunes.


15 thoughts on “Major Find

  1. NO Itunes!!??? wow……… It’ s getting harder and harder to buy a CD in this town.
    I have more movies on my ipod than songs but I might hear a song on a commercial look it up and download it immediately. Grr a marketers dream……instant gratification for me….. : )

  2. Yep, movies on the ipod isn’t great, I need to check out that cable, we rotate Ipod, Playstation portable, Lap top, video player. Wating around the hosp, movies help distrac Zach from pain. Anyway, I am taking the old mini ipod and putting songs on for my sister who isn’t feeling well. You just reminded me that she loved the Police and Sting. In your music revelations…..did anyone mention a good Itunes playlist?

  3. Do any of you Tower Records junkies have a Virgin Records store nearby? That is an awesome place to get CDs. They are getting harder to find.

    Stietto, Birth of the Cool was recorded before I was born, this one may be hard to find.

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