The Aints Are

I’m not sure why I never liked football. Could be that I had to sit in front of so many games while my parents hogged the tv. Could be that our team, the Saints never won.

I watched today though. And I’m going to watch the next Saints playoff game. I won’t believe my eyes if they get to the Superbowl. I want to see something I’ve never seen before. Something everybody has always said will never ever happen. The Saints winning the Superbowl. There is no better time for this beaten city to get their win.

Today my kids saw two things they never thought they’d see. Me watching football and yelling “Go Bush.” Not that Bush, are you crazy? The guy with “Bush” on his jersey running just like a fiddler crab.

Geaux Saints!

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16 thoughts on “The Aints Are

  1. I hope so too, Cinemagypsy. Some random person out and about told me he thinks they’re going to the Superbowl.

    This is exactly what New Orleans needs – a pick me up. Go Saints! I’ve been rooting for them, too.

  2. Geaux Saints, indeed!

    This time last year, Reggie Bush was not on my “yay!” list, since he was playing for USC against the Longhorns. (Or actually, the Longhorns had just won the National Title by defeating Bush, Leinart and other assorted Trojans.)

    But when New Orleans got Reggie Bush, I was so happy for them. And still am.

  3. Well, I land in the same place as Pooks just back up and reverse what she said about Reggie Bush, I can’t live in this town unless I am a Trojans fan. Go Saints! Go Reggie!

  4. If the Saints actually win it will be a miracle. A real miracle. You know, like parting the Red Sea. That kind of miracle, those kinds of miracle proportions. It is just not relatavistically possible for a football team from the home of Dixie Beer to play football well with that kind of hangover.

  5. I hope the Saints win, it’s what New Orleans needs – a huge boost to morale. They will emerge from the ashes like a Phoenix!

    A sports junkie told me he thinks they will win. They better because I’m going to bet on them.

  6. The Saint’s are definately looking good this year. It’s somewhat simular to the 2001season when the Patriots won. It was fitting for America to see such a tragedy happen a few months earlier and then the Patriots take the title. For some that was a sign that things would get better.

    I love me some Saints though. The team is a young new team under new coaching staff. The play like they have never played before, Drew Brees is rated among the best quarterbacks this season. Duece still puts up high yards, Colston is a beast, Horn, Henderson, and so forth are all great receivers. And then you have Reggie Bush. Maybe the saving grace for New Orleans. This kid puts more money back into the city than the government. A portion of every shoe, jersey, card, and all the other merchandise goes directly to the city. He’s always out volunteering somewhere. It’s just amazing to see someone like this do so much. When he steps onot the field its electrifying. Everyone is out of their seat standing, and cheering louder than you would ever hear out of the Superdome for a Saints game.

    The Saints are on a mission. They have a reason to win and the skill to do so.


  7. Hey Capone, I watched that game because you told me to cross my fingers for them, remember, I told you I’d do better and watch the thing?
    Well we did and it was one of the most exciting games we’ve ever seen. That Saints touchdown where the whole pack moved across the goal line was the best score I have ever seen. Mommie says the same thing as you know she’s seen a lot of games.

    I heard everyone in Louisiana has Saints flags in front of their homes. Wish I could see that.

  8. I never really understood that game until I stayed with some dude in Boston that coached the college team there. He was mad I tell you. Mad. He was a big Patriots fan and spent hours explaining [kind of yelling at the tv] the rules of the game to me.

    That year they played the Panthers in the superbowl. I watched it in a pub in Austin, so details are a little drowned, but, it was a close game, I think only a field goal seperated them in the end, and this Boston guy rang different pubs, from Boston, and tracked us down, in Austin, just to cheer and celebrate into the phone to two Aussies. Mad. Mad. Mad.

  9. Oh I think you all just do not appreciate the finer points of football. Where else do you get to see a lot of highly masculine men run about on green grass wearing short spandex pants and padded accessories? Football is the greatest contradiction of our time. Manly men beating hell out of each other in 1980’s girly disco attire. Theater just cannot beat that.

  10. Totally ecstactically happy that the Saints won — and my favorite play was the team touchdown. The victory was even sweeter for me because they beat the hated Eagles (I’m normally a Redskins fan, see.) After working for a week rebuilding houses in New Orleans, I’m a Saints fan all the way in these playoffs!

  11. I’ll be in N’Awlins the week after the superbowl. Sure hope they win. What a great thing that would be for that city that has suffered so much.

    Can’t wait to see NO again but am sure I am going to be saddened by the destruction that one can still see.

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