Voodoo Jinx Hex

The Saints should have won today. At first I blamed it on the snow. The Saints are used to practicing in a dome. The minute it started snowing, their momentum went kaput.

Maybe it’s not that.

It could be a jinx or a hex. I’m blaming it AJ. Look what she posted today. A damn bear.

Anyway. Congratulations to the Saints for such a great season and thanks for staying in New Orleans.


19 thoughts on “Voodoo Jinx Hex

  1. So I am guessing you did not get the memo, but here it goes:

    I have it on good authority, from a New Orleans native, the voo doo ladies said to put a teddy bear in the freezer tomorrow to help out the Saints.

    We had a teddy bear in the freezer but it did not help. It was cold there and eventually started to snow really bad. I think we failed to realize that putting a bear in the freezer would also make the Saints freezing cold as well because they were playing in the same place. I guess the voo doo back fired on us.

  2. I put my ex husband in the freezer ( ok a picture of him) I didn’t know it was voo doo……..coool….. I thought it was supposed to chill things out between us. LOL Until one day my sister found her name on a piece of paper in my freezer…… that was not cool. Not at all… he he

  3. Not to be superstitious or anything, but do not eat food or use ice out of a freezer you have been putting names and images of troublesome people into.

  4. Oh, Max, you know you can’t tell a Cajun not eat something.

    Jennifer, serves your sister right for digging.

    No, Ape, I didn’t get the memo. It was just great to see the Saints go so far this season. I heard everyone out there had Saints shirts and Saints flags. Oh, and Saints day. Yay. Wish I could have seen it.

  5. Cajuns really over emphasize the ability of food to turn heads. You do get these are freezer burned tragically melting red beans and rice and king cakes?

    [You freeze king cakes?]

    That is okay though if the food does not get them the volume and frostbite will.

  6. King cakes don’t last long enough here to freeze them.

    To Cajuns, food is everything. It’s ugly, Cajun food, but it does mean the world to them. They are just like the French when it comes to cooking, no one cooks better than they do.

    Since I am Cajun, I have to agree.

  7. One of the amazing things to me about Louisiana is, men cook and dance. They do not just cook and dance, either, they take pride in their cooking and dancing.

    I so love Louisiana.

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