Obama! Obama! Obama!

In the fall of 2005 we went to a “Countdown to Victory Rally” near our hometown. There were some Democratic US Senators there, most notably Barack Obama. I’d heard of him, but hadn’t heard him speak before.

it was a small rally.

Obama energized the crowd with his charisma. I’d never seen anything like it before and doubt I will ever see it again in my lifetime. Before long the crowd was chanting “Obama! Obama! Obama!

My first thought was, this guy will be president one day. He’s the man to fix everything. His message was one of hope. He didn’t bang on the Republicans or Bush or complain about the past, he talked about making lives better for the poor, universal health care, balancing the budget. It was the first time I ever felt a vibe of integrity coming from a politician.

After the rally we went to where they were getting into their cars and got to shake Obama’s hand. Got an autograph.

A lot of people laughed when I came back from that rally saying he’s going to be president one day. Yesterday, he made the announcement, he’s running in ’08.

I hope I’m right about my first impression. And I hope it happens for him, for all of us. In ’08.


28 thoughts on “Obama! Obama! Obama!

  1. sorry Kitty, but he reminds me of Teflon Tony (Blair) as he was in the early days, and people are only now seeing how sly, crooked and nasty he is. I never liked him. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. An honest polictian? Surely a contradiction in terms.

  2. Gak. Tony Blair.
    Not every politician with charisma is evil. Or 100% evil. We do certainly need to be careful of those who have this sort of control over our hearts and minds.
    He’s a good guy. The only dirt they have on him is he (dare I say) smokes cigarettes.

  3. I like her too, Michele, but I fear dynastic governments. Been fighting that with the Bushes for over 20 years here in Texas. A George Bush has been VP, president, governor of Texas, the president. Almost a full 20 years of it. I will be very happy to see the end of it.

    But I do like her too.

  4. I find there is a lot to like. The issues which could prevent votes are items like gay marriage. I do note he supports civil unions. It’s a personal thing, I like to see all humans treated equally.

  5. I believe all humans should be treated equally too, SurfaceEarth.

    It is a shame that the issue of gay marriage keeps popping up over and over again when elections come around. Really it is a diversion, this issue, it riles the conservative base, who are passionately against it. Anger and frustration gets the base out to the polls. It is a nasty trick.

  6. there was a discussion on holygoodnight.wordpress.com as to waiting to see how NJ would come out on the issue. Yes, it is an “older” issue now in some ways, but still on the forefront. I still am not sure how we can advocate marriage for some and unions or nothing for others. The old adage: I need to be able to look in the mirror.

    I look forward to more postings like yours on Obama. I look forward to seeing how his campaign affects American people and watching him outsmart more than one clever enough newscaster.

  7. Our prime minister just had a shit fight with Obama on national TV. We sent our troops with yours to Iraq, so when suggested Obama would be withdrawing the troops, our prime minister obviously had to oppose, otherwise he is not backing his own decision, blah blah blah.

    This is what happens when you vote a 5’2” garden knome in as prime minister.

  8. SurfaceEarth, yeah, I like seeing Obama outsmart the newscasters too. I need to go back and check your link for holygoodnight, it must be under previous posts.
    Really though, gay marriage is an important social issue (gays do need it for things like health insurance coverage for their partners, just to name one thing) that the conservatives have turned into a moral issue. This one thing allows big insurance corps to rip off a segment of society,well all of us really, because who pays for the uninsured when they rack up hospital bills?

    I saw that AJ, your PM said al queda would love Obama to win. Reminds me of something our VP said during the 06 elections. That’s just fear mongering, another thing I’ll be happy to see go out the door with our current administration.
    For the record, Bush is over 6 foot tall. He is more evil than your gnome.

  9. I like him, a lot. The more I hear from him the more I like him. The most appealing thing to me is that he really is not a politician. He is someone who has gotten into politics to make a difference and he really believes in the power of the political system. So many politicians are just playing the system and have gven up on the idea of really doing anything good or useful with it.

    Unless he really screws up, he has my vote 100% and last year I was totally for Hilary.

    Note from editor: This comment was left on Feb. 12, I just recovered it and changed the date so people would see it.

  10. I watched Obama’s launch speech and I was blown away- I’m still leaning towards Edwards but Obama keeps me thinking.

    This was a great piece- I really enjoy reading WHY someone was affected by a speech ….I could careless about how little the writer likes the other guy.

    Anita Marie

  11. I haven’t seen that, Surfaceearth. I was hoping she wouldn’t go that route, she may have to back him later.
    I was also hoping that these two would end up on the same ticket. With sexism and racism so alive and well in America, that may shooting to high.
    I’ll have to go see what this is all about.

  12. Well the media is making this out to be a big fight between Hillary and Obama and as far as I can tell, neither of them has said a thing about the other.
    Geffin is a supporter of Obama. Not his spokesperson. This is just a media frenzy.

    The Republicans (Cheney and McCain) are fighting each other without the gloves. A real fight, the thing is, neither of them is actually interesting.

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