The New Sound of Silence

12ring-graphic.jpgA while back I read something about shops using a high frequency noise to discourage teen loitering. It’s a noise people over twenty years of age can’t usually hear. It’s called the Mosquito.

If you’re a teen, you probably already know about this. Kids have turned this technology against us adults and are using this sound as a ringtone for their mobile phones during school hours. Spanky said a classmate’s phone rang in class and all the students could hear it, but the teacher just continued her lecture, didn’t hear a thing.

I had to do a little investigating, see what this sound is all about. I am so not a teen and since everyone in my family is just certain that I am going deaf, I was pretty sure I wouldn’t be able to hear it.

I can hear it alright. Only within a couple of yards from the source. It’s an excruciating sound. It makes my face contort as if I’ve just bit into a lemon.

So of course I had to test it on the kids in this house.

Their reaction was much stronger than mine. I didn’t even say anything about it, just played the thing. They can hear it from much farther away than I.

Hmmm. Wonder what I can use this for?

Click here to check if you can hear it.

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25 thoughts on “The New Sound of Silence

  1. It kinda reminds me of when you turn off the cable box however leave the tv on. It sounds exactly like that. Tommy can never hear when that happens but I can always hear it.

  2. Well I’ve got about seven teenagers over here right now working on a school project with Sweetpea. I couldn’t help but see exactly how this works on all these kids. I was downstairs and they could hear it all the way upstairs and across the house.
    They claim it is really loud and irritating and can still hear it when everyone’s talking really loud.

  3. The dogs don’t react at all. I’ll research it.

    But this housefull of kids? Ho. There were aobut seven of them. Boy did they come on the wrong day. They got real loud and i would just push the button. They’d yelp as if I’d shocked them or something.

    I’m still in a state of disbelief that this thing really works. It’s like a new toy for me. I have suffered years of screaming and sometimes obnoxious kids in carpools, you name it.
    Payback is hell. Sweetpea says I’m sick. (Snort).

  4. It’s iritating. It is funny, though, Christos was sitting right next to me and couldn’t hear a thing. Weird sound.

  5. I think the frequency may be a little lower on this computer recording, we are not supposed to be hearing this at all.

    Still there is a noticeable difference between what I hear and what these kids can hear.

    I had to stop. Max took my toy away.

  6. I wonder if there is one you can use on bad neighbors. I doubt it. They are very loud and probably cannot hear anything lower than a Mach V sonic boom.

  7. The only message I got was “ow right between the lobes.”

    If I heard that in a classroom though I would think something was way wrong with the overhead lights and would clear the room I would not be looking for a phone. Probably this would land me in a psych ward when the janitor got tired of me saying the light bulbs were making a high whining sound sure it is gone now but they were doing it.

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