Blonde to the Bone

I have this friend in Australia, and she is 14 or 16 hours ahead of my time zone. Since I am such a deep into the night person, we keep the same waking hours. We don’t talk time too much, but when it is the middle of the night here and she says she’s going outside to lie in the summer sun with her dog? It still sounds strange. I know it’s true, just like a million dollars exists even though I haven’t seen it.

Here’s where the blonde moment comes. She sends me an email that says something like, “Hey if you’ve sent me any emails since lunchtime, my email has been down since then, could you send them again, yeah?” (That’s my Aussie blogging accent)

My brain short circuited on that one. Whose lunchtime? They’ve already had lunch and we haven’t even had the dinner from the night before or breakfast and, and, and….

So I claw my way out of my dumb moment by emailing her back, “How many hours ago are we talking here?”

I am going to pretend to no longer be confused by this.


24 thoughts on “Blonde to the Bone

  1. You’re having trouble remembering how many hours Australia is ahead of you? What am I supposed to say with your States? It’s 6 am here so it must be 8 pm for Max but 10 pm for Kitty or is it 8 pm for Kitty and 10 pm for Max? And if so, then what time is it for Michele? My advice, pretend that you already know.

  2. It’s Valentine’s here for sure, so Happy Velenitne’s everyone. Max, there’s still time for Mr. Wonderful to walk through the door. It happens. Ask AJ.

    Sophia, you trying to bring on another blonde moment?

    Thanks for the brunette lesson, Michele. Our time. So true.

  3. I loved that Michele. “Our time”. Loved that.

    Kitty, I never thought I’d see a blonde talking about blond moments. That is hilarious to me. LOL. As far as I’m concerned, my blond moments have gradually turned into blond hours. When they evolve to blond days I know I’m in trouble.

  4. Max, stop laughing and listen for the doorbell.

    Sophia, my favorite blonde joke:
    A blonde, upon finding out the shocking news that she’s preggers, bluts out, “I hope it’s mine!”

  5. Ok, I just searched world times to find out what time it is where you are, so here is how it works…

    When it is 10pm there, it is 2pm here the following day.

  6. Wait a minute, AJ, you must be blonde too. You should not have had to check the world clock because you are Australian and you are born with this knowledge, unless of course you are blonde, too.

  7. Is so, I designate everything into time zones according to Max time, Kitty time, AJ time, Michele time, Sophia time, Lee time — I do not even do pst or est or country times, I just do you guys.

  8. It seems like “Kitty” and “time” don’t belong in the same sentence. I won’t speak for the others lest I get flogged.

    Actually I’m just putting on (half the shit I write on here should not be taken literally). I have a pretty amazing ability to keep track of time. I don’t usually wear a watch, but ask me what time it is and I just know. I can tell time by looking at the sun too.

  9. LOL AJ. I finally found a place on Earth that stays up with me, time to go check out Australia.
    I just need to find something that will make me sleep an entire 24 hour flight. That blows my mind.

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