My twin from another mother, Michele told me it was true, that The Police have announced they are doing a reunion tour in the US.

How do you get the best tickets to a concert? Join an official fan club. The thing about that is fan clubs are not always free. Sting’s club costs $65 to join. His club won’t get you tickets to the Police concerts, though, you have to join The Police Tour club for a whopping $100.

It’s seems unfair to have to pay to join a fan club. Aren’t The Police and Sting rich enough? I’m not paying to join a club. There’s got to be a way around this. Find out who’s touring with them, join their club if it’s free and get pre-sale tickets that way.

I realize this might be a way to keep scalpers from buying up the pre-sale tickets. I’ve already seen some tickets that are selling for $2500. Each. I don’t know where those people got their tickets, because pre-sales for the Dallas show haven’t even started. Someone call the police.

I’m more of a Sting fan anyway. I was too young to enjoy The Police when they were a band. I started buying their CDs after falling in love with Sting. My husband and son still feign jealousy when I drool over him.

These days though, I’m more into new rock. There’s an amazing show sponsored by a local radio station which announced their Edgefest lineup yesterday. I already knew My Chemical Romance would be there, I’m in their free club. For pre-sale tickets, I just joined the radio station’s club, also free.

So now I am an Edgehead. You can bet this Edgehead will have good tickets to Edgefest.


11 thoughts on “Edgehead

  1. I know AJ, and Blue October and AFI (remember Miss Murder?) and Muse, oh wow, it is an amazing value.

    Thing is, each band will not be able to play a full show and they won’t have their sets with them. I’ve got to see the Black Parade set, how they usually do that show in indoor arenas. Michele is lucky, there is a full MCR show near her. I hope she goes so she can tell me all about it.

  2. Twin from another mother – that is funny. Thanks sista.

    I would not worry about getting decent tickets to the Police concert. Since I have been following you-know-who around to his concerts, I have become quite educated on how to get good tickets. [And yes, it stinks that brokers have tickets before they go onsale -that is just wrong – but it happens all the time].

    In my experience, pre-sale tickets are not all for the best seats. These tickets are scattered about throughout the venue, and on the regular sale day you can still get really good seats. Then, if you want to risk it, a week or two before the show, some of the best sets [I mean first row even] somehow just show up for sale on ticketmaster. These are usually the block of seats held by the artist for his friends, and if at the end he does not need them all, these are released. I know poeple who got great seats this way at the last minute. [me, I cannot wait on this for fear I would be shut out all together – I wish I could]

    Tickets for The Police at NYC Madison Square Garden go on sale this Tuesday, 9:00 am eastern, on ticketmaster. The Dallas show is not listed on ticketmaster. I may go to the NYC show.

  3. By the way, MCR is playing this Friday night in NY – and I will be there then. But it is on Long Island, which would make for a long night and I need to be up and perky on Saturday for the 9am haircut before I go to this class and pitch my script to this guy that day. They are also playing near me in DC but I will be in Philly that night.

    Did you know MCR is playing in San Antonio on April 16? I checked and there are pretty good seats left. Lower balcony, side, fairly close to the stage. And the tickets are like $27. http://www.ticketmaster.com/event/0C003E3DB081D5C5?

  4. Thanks for the scoop Michele. I got lucky once and got some James Taylor tickets that had been sold out forever by waiting until the day of the concert. They were great seats, too and somehow I managed to sneak backstage and meet him after the show.

    The San Antonio show is on a school day unfortunately, and it is one day before Edgefest here.
    I hope you get to go to that show in NYC even if you’ll be a zombie the next day. They are touring with Muse, you’ll love that band.

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