For Sophia

This is for Sophia, my friend who is having a special day tomorrow and loves coffee machines and kitchen things.

I have my fingers crossed, Soph.


21 thoughts on “For Sophia

  1. You are all amazing. I woke up this morning feeling nervous and crappy. I got online to check my emails, I saw this. I’m trying not to cry. But I’m not nervous anymore. You are all amazing. Thank you.

  2. Pimp the kitchen. LOL. Oh, I’m honored that the Cupcake Sistas will pimp my kitchen. Does that mean that my kitchen will be a prostitute? Well, I don’t really care as long as we can have a hot, savorous cup of coffee… did I hear you guys saying you’re also bringing M&Ms?

  3. Oh, Sophia, we have this tv show in America where they take an old car or truck and fix it up with about $100,000 worth of upgrades (It is called “Pimp My Ride.”)

    “Pimp” has a new meaning these days and it has more to do with something looking “fresh, new, or badass.” So in this sense we are going to “re-do” your kitchen. Yep, M&Ms come with it.

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