Big Gap

Here’s a lovely tune, Opus 23, a piano solo by Dustin O’Halloran. The video for this was uploaded to Utube by O’Halloran himself (that is so cool). The animation is by Marco Morandi. You may recognize this song, it was in Marie Antoinette. The video part was not.

Although music is a big part of what I enjoy in life, I do not know how to play any instruments.

In the house next door to where I grew up, there lived a mean old lady. She was not in any way a joy to visit, always frowning and scolding. But hell, she had a piano in that house. So I’d go visit her often, even though I was only about six years old because she would let me play on her piano. She never played for me or tried to teach me anything. I never asked, either.

One birthday my grandmother got me an organ. She’d noticed I was always on hers while visiting. It only had about 15 keys. Nothing like the keyboards of today. It was a play by number type thing and I played it until it finally broke. By the time this happened, my old bitter neighbor had died.

This is probably my biggest regret in life, not learning to play an instrument. A friend of mine says anyone can learn an instrument at any age, in fact, I worked with an ER doc who was taking piano lessons for the first time at the age of 35.

When I tell my children there is a gap in my life where the know how to play something should be, they try to fill it, to teach me how to play their instruments. I’m just happy they are in the position to do that.


11 thoughts on “Big Gap

  1. Reminds me of the saying:”Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach.” (or in our case, pay someone else to) I always wished I could play too, and seeing the joy Klaus have when he’s at the piano, right from the age of 4 to this day, makes me realize I’ve missed out on something big. I’m also missing out on a lot of your postings as my computer refuse to do sound.

  2. I wish I could play the piano. I cut piano lessons one too many times and they were yanked away from me. [Piano teacher showed up at my house and I was out riding my bike.] Now I have my mother’s baby grand in my house because it did not fit into her apartment when she moved. All we do is look at it.

  3. Liv, I remember you getting after Klaus to practice, remember he played well, too. Have you tried earphones into the computer to hear the sound?

    Michele, i have a piano I bought at an auction and refinished. I never played on it once because the sound is messed up and can’t be fixed. Spanky plays on a keyboard and Blane is supposed to get her a proper piano soon.

  4. I used to play the keyboards till I got married. Now it’s packed in my closet. It’s one of those things I miss so much, but damn, there’s no place in this house I can set the keyboards up again and playing. I’ve always thought that playing any kind of instrument is refreshing and stimulatory. I can’t play the piano, but if we lived closer, I would certainly teach you the few things I know, Kit.

  5. Remember those old Piano’s you could cheat play by pushing the pedals and the paper would go round and round and play the tune? Well that is as close to playing a piano as I ever got.

    I used to play guitar, I mean, I still can I just don’t regularly. German can play bass and I would rather listen to him play bass than play myself. Bass is soulsy.

    Kit, if you want to learn an instrument and can find the time to do so, you should.

  6. Sophia, you should slide that keyboard under your bed and pull it out when you want to play. The pianist in this piece had stopped playing for about a decade and began playing again. I think that is what the video is about, someone losing their music for a while and getting it back.

    All of my kids are gifted musically, play by ear as well as read music. Each plays multiple instruments. I often wonder if I was gifted but didn’t open the gift, thus lost it.

    AJ, all you and German need is a drummer, you could form a band.

  7. If you really want it, you haven’t lost it yet. My aunt, she’s 59, she started taking keyboard lessons last year. My ears do not hurt, so I gather she’s quite god. It’s never too late for doing something you’ve always longed for.

  8. Okay, she’s not quite “god” (though sometimes she gives me the impression that she believes that she is). She is quite “good”.

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