Cook Dinner For Your Best Friend

Over at Max’s blog, there is an update on the pet food recall.

My vet is telling all pet owners not to feed their dogs or cats any packaged wet foods, even if the food is not on the list. He’s saying to feed the animals steamed rice and chicken broth if you feed your pet wet foods. Bringing your pet in for a blood test would be a good idea

Dry foods were not affected by the recall.

EDITED NOTE: Make damn sure you check out Pooks’ post about the shocking cause of all this, Go there right now.

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2 thoughts on “Cook Dinner For Your Best Friend

  1. Thanks for getting this out there- I banned wet food from my house ( even threw out what I did have ) when this list came out. My rule of thumb was, if one company was willing to package poison trash they all are probably doing the same ( or at least buying the trash from the same plant. )

    People- it’s bad enough that corporate America treats the public with such little regard…but my pets?

    Heads have GOT to role on this one

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