Dude, Where’s My Car?

A friend of mine has a daughter, Jules. She adopted the girl from a Russian orphanage when the kid was about five. An extraordinary child, she mastered English in just four months.

Now at fourteen, this kid already has her own business, well, at least she has her own business cards. She does babysitting, household chores, housesitting, walks dogs… She has the key to all the homes in the neighborhood where she lives.

Last week Jules was babysitting two kids for a wired up artist type lady, Felicity. My friend gets a call from Felicity:

Felicity: Where’s Jules?
My friend: Babysitting at your house.
Felicity: Well she isn’t here. And my Lexus is gone.
My friend: Can’t be, Jules doesn’t know how to drive.

Oh yes she did. Turns out Jules had put the children to bed, saw the keys to the Lexus and had an irrisistable “urge” to drive. She didn’t just drive around the neighborhood, she went on the tollway. She admitted this wasn’t the first time, either. And that she was a damn good driver.

Jules’ parents made her call everyone in the neighborhood and explain the situation. Suprisingly, she only had to return Felicity’s keys. The kid is still in business.


24 thoughts on “Dude, Where’s My Car?

  1. Maybe they understood her temptation? Stunning looking car. This is coming from someone who normally thinks : “if it gets me from A to B, the car’s great”. Still, it’s shocking that people are willing to trust not only their homes, but also their kids to someone who’s left kids on their own while she went “joy riding” and showed she’s willing to break both trust and the law. Why is that ??

  2. She’s just that damn good, I guess. Maybe she won’t get as many babysitting calls.

    Funny thing, her mom called her mobile when they noticed her missing and asked, “Where are you?”
    The kid said, “Babysitting.”
    And she was out in that car. LOL.

  3. You got to give her some credit. It’s a damn Lexus we’re talking about. If it was my poor Opel Corsa, she wouldn’t give a rat’s ass. The girl’s got some taste!

  4. I am coming back here to read this if I even think about complaining about Zachary’s “Ms. Thea” She is so consitently late that it’s almost reliable. She can text message for five hours straight too….wait, I am complaining! She’d never leave him…………. or is it because she knows I would f*ckin kill her? Naah.

  5. Almost like you have to babysit the babysitter. LOL. A “no kill” policy is probably keeping her in the habit.

    Of course, I can’t talk. My neighbor used to send me out for Happy Meals when I first got my license. Always brought that food back cold. Couldn’t help it, she had a fast car and I liked the smell of burnt rubber.

  6. Has anybody asked her how she learned to drive yet?

    I mean, that would be the big question on my mind. “Hey kid, anyone teach you how to drive? Or did you just pick that up on the Discovery Channel?”

  7. Nobody taught her how to drive. She just took the car and drove it.
    Don’t forget, this kid was in a Russian orphanage until she was five. She ain’t scared of nothing.

  8. Well this kid has so much more style than I did. When I stole the family car, I made sure it was a Toyota or something, you know, easily replaceable through insurance with limited questions. She has such a better work and life ethc. IF you are going to steal a car, make it top o’ the line, dammit.

  9. Damn straight AJ and Max.

    If you know how freaking uptight the Felicity lady is, it would add so much more meaning to this. Extremely demanding and as snobbish as they get.
    If I were a mother finding my 14 year old babysitter and car gone, the first thing I’d think would be that someone abducted the babysitter. Not her. It didn’t cross her mind.

    Not that the kids deserved to be left alone. I don’t mean that.

  10. Last time I saw a car like this (and I believe it was the only one time) I was almost under it, not in it. I would give anything for my butt to touch a leather seat like that. I’m so looking up to that girl.

  11. I bet she will buy her own Lexus before she is 20. Borrowing a car is just a sign that she is very confident, what should make very interesting combination with skills to earn money she already displays.

  12. Well, yeah, because silly me, I stood right there almost in the middle of the street staring at that beautiful BEAUTIFUL car totally speechless… and careless. Apparently, I thought the driver would stop. Apparently, he thought I’d move the fuck out of his way. Apparently, the car had some damn good breaks.

  13. I’m glad you did not get hit by that car. But hell, if I were to be hit by something, I’d want to go out in style, something like this instead of like a cement truck.

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